Red Sky Morning Amarr Faction Warfare Corp Recruting

Are you bored with your current state of play? Do you want to feel that unique and incredible adrenaline enhanced rush that only real PVP can bring?
R.S.M is looking for new and experienced players to fight with us in Amarr Faction Warfare. We have many experienced combat veterans that can mentor you in becoming a true destroyer of the enemy.

Things you can expect.

.PVP on a daily basis, often all day long

.Ships can be provided for general combat and training purposes, at no charge to the capsuleer

.The ability to make vast amounts of isk using Faction Warfare loyalty points; How much is up to you.

contact in game CDLoon , IVAN KILLYA , Ohpehk Dodhu


Most fun i’ve had in EVE for a long time - great guys flying with them for years!

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After some fun and some fights come join us