Amarrian Faction War-fare character looking for a home

I am ready to serve the Amarr in the fight. I am a new character with an old (semi-bitter) vet. I plan to stay Alpha unless I am rewarded so hansomly that it would be foolish not to put the ISK towards Omega status.

I can only play at random times through out the day or week due to my Real Life committments but when I can, I will fight and we will crush these Minmatar and Gallentian scurge back to their proper places underneath our boots!

Contact me in game with an evemail if you have a corporation in the war I can can serve.

Hail the Empire!

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Where are all the Amarrian warriors? Are we going to continue to let this pitiful misguided race continue to hold all this ground.

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You might be interested in SFRIM.

If not, then they at least might be able to point you in the right direction.

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