Amazon Unable to Link account for purchase of plex

Hi I got a gift card for amazon and tried to purchase the 1100 plex option for $39.99.

I did have a valid card with funds from my bank attached as well but none of that mattered because when I went to make the purchase amazon has to do some sort of game - connect thing where it links to your game account to the Amazon account.

This failed and said ONLY “An error has occured”

So now I have my money stuck in amazon with them saying they’d look into it but it is possible the issue is on your guys end seeing as how I have funds.

I know in the past Eve required the account be one that has been plexed before or some kind of nonsense. So for the record my account has been in omega for nearly a year now.

Does anyone know what the problem here is?

I’m Having the close to the same problem.

I got a gift card for Amazon and thought I would get back in to eve with it, as it was on 15$.
So I selected the One Month Option and when it came to linking I received “An error occured”
(misspelled as the auto correct from the forum just told me.) I haven’t played EVE in half a year now and have been playing a bit as a free player but that just makes me want to stop playing…

I originally tried this on my tablet and thought maybe that was the problem but after several attempts at my PC I still receive the same “An error occured”

I found out how to fix it, Go to and then in the top right click on account. Then log into the account you wish to link with amazon game-link feature. This will open a connection to your account so don’t close this page. Open a new tab in your browser and do your amazon purchase within about 20 minutes.

Basically, when it goes to link game it won’t prompt you for passwords because when it queries the server on your account status the server will return you are already logged in and proceed to link with amazon. This may not be in perfect truth what’s goin on but from my experience it satisfied my amazon needs. Once you get to the final payment screen you will have the option to apply your gift card as well.

Hope this helps somebody and feel free to like to let me know if it works for you, thanks.

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Yes, you can do it.
Now I just have to remember what I just did:
Log into Amazon, try to buy some EVE thing. Get the error message.
Launch EVE
Select Account Management
Log in a second time if you have to
Open Game Time dropdown
Select third party retailers
Select Amazon
That got the accounts linked, I was still logged into Amazon.

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