Amazon limits to 1 30 day omega pass per account

Hey all, I was wanting to fire up both my accounts again to see how the game has progressed. I got a $50 gift card on Amazon and saw that EVE has the 30 day Omega pass for sale there and thought to get both my accounts fired up. After the long hassle of linking both my accounts to my Amazon account (which has resulted in my main account being linked about 5 times) I tried to add game time for both game accounts but Amazon won’t let me. It keeps saying you can only get 1 30 day game time per account. What I would like to know is does this mean per EVE account or per Amazon account? I don’t mind buying them 1 at a time as long as I can still activate both accounts, but what I don’t want to do is have to get activate the 2nd account via some other means as money is somewhat limited for me at the moment. Thanks for any help!

It’s probably per Amazon account.

Ah ok, thanks for the help!

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