Omega purchase

So I live in USA, and I have heard that the payment services are in Europe. I attempted to purchase, didn’t work, as it shouldn’t. Now I’m trying to pay though amazon (or other 3rd party) and I followed all the directions, but under “different payment options” the only one that shows up is “webmoney transfer”. I have not heard of it. Any way for me to pay for it though amazon/any way to actually link the account directly to amazon? or what are the other options I have.


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A large portion of EvE players live in USA. EvE payment services are not just geared for Europe. You have USA payment systems for EvE, you do not have to use European systems. Try going to

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That is what I have tried. It won’t accept the payment from the card, and it will not get me more options to buy. If I went onto amazon, purchased the “omega game time” how would that work?

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hmm. That seems strange. I don’t know about Amazon, but, Amazon is reputable, so if it were me I’d try going through them but if that didn’t work to my satisfaction I’d push f12 in EvE or use the part of the EvE website and submit a payment issues support ticket. I don’t like weird things when it comes to financial workings.

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If you purchase game time from Amazon you will receive a game code. You then login to Eve account management and select redeem code from the game time tab.

Currently CCP is offering a 15% discount on their site which is not available from Amazon (sometimes it is the other way around).

CCP will also accept PayPal if you want to purchase directly from them. Note a subscription purchased from CCP will be setup to renew automatically using the same payment method - you need to manually cancel if you don’t want to do this,


Is it a weird card like American Express? If it is i’d suggest trying again with a proper card.