Can Amazon Pay be added to payment methods?

Was not sure where to put this, general discussion seemed like the best place.

I just prefer to use amazon pay over paypal.

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On the one hand, there’s this article, updated 2017.09.22, and on the other hand there’s this notification from 2017.10.05.

Yes. Been doing it for years. It this point, there’s no need to even to go to CCP Games website to make a payment.

Wait,… not any longer. Nevermind.

Got the E-Mail from CCP Game that they will no longer accept payments for EVE Online through Amazon.


Yes, you can do it.
Now I just have to remember what I just did:
Log into Amazon, try to buy some EVE thing. Get the error message.
Launch EVE
Select Account Management
Log in a second time if you have to
Open Game Time dropdown
Select third party retailers
Select Amazon
That got the accounts linked, I was already logged into Amazon.

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Using Amazon Digital Services LLC directly through Amazon’s website is one working method for payment.

2017.11.24: Current price, and current offer: $12.70 for one month(15% reduction).

I’d like to pay in cryptocoins. BTC, BCC/BCH, ETH… doesn’t matter. The top3 are a good choice. i could pay accounts forever!

Costs fees and is a waste of both time and money. Welcome to 2017.

I agree with you. I trust Amazon much more than I do Paypal.

I did a ticket on this when I first got an email notice and CCP said the decision to stop using Amazon as a payment method was Amazons.

I will be trying the workaround by Mr. Saissore.

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You shouldn’t trust either.

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Thanks for posting this question.
I had no idea you could use Amazon. Now I can use my beer money from MTurk for PLEX.

Well I am stumped… as i used amazon, because, the prepaid cards i use are not accepted to use outside of US :frowning:

poof goes subscription for now :S

submitted a ticket asking for help, will post back anything that helps :slight_smile:

okay, soooo - i managed to figure out a way to use prepaid credit cards that only work in the US to pay for my account via paypal (since this was previously my issue of the cards not working outside the US, hence my needing to use amazon).

In your paypal account, create an invoice to an alternate email that is not on your paypal account, there will be a 3% paypal fee/deduction from what is sent.
Once the alternate email receives the invoice, click the link to pay, and select alternate method pay with credit card and use the prepaid card (You dont need to make a second paypal account this way). Make sure to add 3% to the total of what you are wanting to spend (google percent calculator if ya want ;).

*I also signed out of paypal after sending invoice, before clicking link on alternate account, to pay it.

YAY I am resubbed :slight_smile:

Wait, so you willingly pay 3% more so you can use a CC?

My new best friend, i have tons of stuff I’d like to sell you!

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