Eve and pay methods

CCP… why there is no way to use simple skrill to make transactions?
paypal is rly ■■■■…

I’m hoping they will be using bitcoin soon.

I got an old Lada. I’m interested in trading for 1yr sub hope ccp taking trades soon :stuck_out_tongue:


If it’s a 2107 or a Niva you might get someone interested, if it’s a Samara you’ve got no hope.

It would make more sense for them to accept Ethereum,
but it’s not an exclusive thing anyway.

Still several years off until that happens, though.

The 𝐎𝐍𝐄 thing that CCP does well (like most companies) is taking our money…

:japanese_goblin: :moneybag: :japanese_goblin: :money_with_wings: :japanese_goblin: :money_mouth_face: :japanese_goblin:

They are not taking it, you’re giving it.


All those payment options, and you choose some obscure money transfer service. I guess we all value ‘privacy’… right… :wink:

Only if a person is connected to the transfer and CCP sends yearly reports to the IRS reducing accidental tax evasion schemes.

I’m working for a bank. If I see a transaction to Skrill I inform my superiors. It’s almost always illicit.

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I owned a Niva for years. That thing went everywhere. When I scrapped her she bit the scrappy.

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Doesn’t seem like CCP updated their options list. You can also sub and/or buy PLEX through Amazon, and you can even do vendor link so PLEX and subs get applied immediately. At least that worked back in May last time I tried it. I haven’t seen CCP put event deals there tho, which is one bummer.

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The IRS covers Iceland too?

Honestly I don’t know anything about the IRS,
except that it’s so powerful and scary that even the Joker pays his taxes.

We have something similar in Austria, aptly called FinanzPolizei. Finance Police. They don’t even need a warrant. They can just come, kick your door open and ruin your life. Scary ■■■■.

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Ethereum is pretty nonsensically. You can’t even sync the block chain without good chances of destroying an expensive SSD because of the rate they create blocks.

If anything cryptocurrency would qualify here then it would probably be the lightning network on top of bitcoin.

so inform and control that is your job. But skrill is very fast and usefull to make small transactions (specialy in games). We have new pack for 4$ ccp made - perfect for fast easy skrill transaction.

I’ve had one too, amazing little beast. You can still buy them new in mainland Europe, Lada evidently have a time machine because they all seem to have been built sometime in 1985.

Potato, pota`to…

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