This stupid idea just crossed my mind, is there a dealership site(like paypal) on Eve Online?

This stupid idea just crossed my mind, is there a dealership site on Eve Online?

For example, if a fraud is committed, it takes ISK out of a fraudster’s account
Or compensate the victim with a deposit that they have to put in before they make a deal
I was wondering if I could secure a deal with Eve online.

No there isnt

Are you saying that this service doesn’t exist?

They said there is no mechanic built into the game client to do this.
Years ago there were several well known and trusted people that would serve as a broker for deals on super capitals and titans. They would facilitate the transfer of ship and ISK for a fee.

I’m not sure if anyone does that anymore.

The only buyer protection you have in Eve is to shoot or scam them back.

I think that the introduction of a method to dock up supers and titans, the ability to get out of those coffins and trade the ship via market or contract removed the need for trusted third parties for those trades.

But yea, I’m sure someone can set up another trustworthy 3rd party broker service if there was a demand for it.

But the way current trades in EVE happen and that people could know exactly what trade they are getting in to when they press accept on a contract means that there isn’t really a demand for such services.

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I completely forgot you could dock them now.
That makes total sense.

Do people train to fly Cap with their main now that they can dock or are capital alts still a thing?

I talked to an ESI expert and he said that it is impossible to trade using ESI…
This was an impossible idea in the first place.

That would open the door to bot automation if it was allowed to POST orders.

Given CCP has been combating that, I don’t think that’s coming.

You can find what is possible in the ESI interface here EVE Swagger Interface and issues go to Issues · esi/esi-issues · GitHub though don’t expect any feature changes.

They cannot even get timely progress on the SDE → ESI parity issue. SSO issues go unanswered for years here Issues · ccpgames/sso-issues · GitHub

Their github has basically become a zombie graveyard.

Thank you!

Capital alts are still a thing, because it means you can escalate an ongoing fight you’re already in in your subcap by logging in alts in capitals. And when the capital ships are somehow stuck for a while (moving, or in some bubble camp, or because your alliance doesn’t have a big enough structure to dock up in for the time being) you can still use your main character while your cap alt is stuck.

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You won’t be able to “pull” ISK from players accounts, the only way you could get that to happen reliably and safely is via escrow and some form of enforcing contract (like a smart contract in blockchain). ISK is “push” based in Eve (as it should be).

Also dispute resolution in eBay and the likes is leaned heavily towards the buyer and very aggressive against the seller to the point they shut them down via a freeze until disuptes resolved.

It’s hard to understand what you’re saying
You mean it’s possible indirectly?

don’t contracts work that way?

I think he wants a “refund” option on contracts.

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