Ammunition of Greater Variety

First I would like to apologize in the case write something incorrectly (I live in Peru). As many who see this post will realize, the favorite doctrines in almost any alliance are those that are based on the use of missiles, torpedoes and rockets. In addition to the fact that this kind of ammunition always inflicts damage no matter how small it is when its target is within its range (unlike other weapons and ammunition that have optimum range and falloff), the ammunition of missiles and the like possesses sufficient variety to inflict all types of damage existing in the game according to the chosen ammunition. I am a fan of the Gallente Federation ships and their ways of inflicting damage through the use of drones and hybrid ammunition … although I have no problems with drones (although I would like the existence of Triglavian drones) my annoyance is with the ammunition hybridized and in turn with the ammunition of other classes that are not missiles due to not being able to choose the type of damage they can inflict. While these ammunitions have other kinds of variations such as affecting range, use of capacitor, and damage, they do not give the player the ability to inflict the type of damage he wants to inflict. Hybrid ammunition is a clear example because regardless of the type of ammunition you use, the damage will always be thermal and kinetic. This problem with the types of damage that can be inflicted takes away some emotion from how one wants to perform different activities in the game. “I want to kill pirates Blood Raiders in a Dominix Navy and although I can use Amarr drones I can not take advantage of the bonus to hybrid turrets because the damage they inflict is kinetic and thermal.” “Behind that door there is a fleet of Retribution, Abaddon and Apocalypse, go to the station and prepare to resist electromagnetic and thermal damage.” While one can change the type of turret (carries a Dominyx Navy with laser weapons) that is not the idea, it takes grace to the subject. Well I think I managed to make my point, so I say goodbye and I hope someone can do something about it, this is my first participation in the forum. Long live the Goonswarm Federation, long life to Rekium, long life to the Gallente Federation!

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The choice of damage type, with the various ammos, is one of the tradeoffs you have to chose with your weapons.

It’s a specific design choice, to keep things different.

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