AMOR: A WH Corp with Heart!

*We’re about the love, we’re about the money, and we’re about shooting things every day. *
Leave your comfort zone and find your frosty zone.
Become at least 10% more handsome

Wormholes are the most exciting and unpredictable environments in EVE, and players who are willing to take big risks in j-space deserve a corporation with heart to help them reap big rewards.

That’s why we created Acceptable Margins of Risk [-AMOR] .

[-AMOR] is a PVP-focused corporation with infrastructure to match your PvE and industrial ambitions. We are based out of a C4 wormhole with C3/C5 statics, and we’ve installed corporate infrastructure to support a variety of playstyles. We favor small- to mid-sized engagements, while also accepting “bat-phones” to assist our frenemies for larger-scale operations. We will help you with isk generation through C5 and C3 sites, in-system industrial infrastructure, and corporate buy-back programs.

We place a premium on social interaction among our members, encouraging Discord presence and fostering a positive, welcoming, “business casual” atmosphere. If you’re ready to bust out of stale empire or blue donut gameplay and take some risk for the ISK.

To chat with us, join us in our public Discord channel and join the in-game channel, “amor public”.

To the top.

Still recruiting competent pilots for all time zones.

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