Join the Launch of an English-speaking Branch in an Established Russian Wormhole Corporation

Hello, fellow Capsuleers,

We’re an experienced Russian-speaking Wormhole Corporation living in a C4 with C2 and C4 statics, and we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our operations with the creation of an English-speaking division.

Being part of a larger Russian Wormhole community, we have access to a vast infrastructure and boast an active community of players. We engage in exciting PvP and PvE activities regularly and value the importance of each member in our team.

Our corporation offers:

  • Strategic living within a C4, granting us abundant opportunities for exploration, resource gathering, and of course, combat in the C2 and C4 statics.
  • A deeply interconnected community within the broader Russian-speaking Wormhole network, providing you with vast resources and knowledge.
  • Regular and exciting PvP and PvE events, because we believe in keeping our players engaged and our activities diverse.
  • A unique opportunity to be a part of the new English-speaking division from its inception, and play a significant role in its growth and direction.

We’re currently seeking dynamic individuals to form the leadership core of our new division. Open positions include

  • HR Director

  • Diplomat

  • Military Operations Director

  • Training Director, and Research Development Director

If you’re an English speaker looking to contribute significantly to the development of an EVE Online corporation from the ground up, this is an excellent opportunity for you.

To apply or to find out more, join us at our Recruitment Channel. Let’s conquer the galaxy together!

Hope this helps! Do let me know if you need any other assistance.

Dream RuCorp inc.

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