AMOR: C4 WH CORP (C3/C5 Statics)


*We’re about the love, we’re about the money, and we’re about shooting things every day. *
Leave your comfort zone and find your frosty zone.
Become at least 10% more handsome

Wormholes are the most exciting and unpredictable environment in EVE, and players who are willing to take big risks in J-space deserve a community dedicated to helping them reap big rewards.

That’s why we started Acceptable Margins of Risk [-AMOR] .

[-AMOR] is a PVP-focused corporation based out of a C4 wormhole with C3/C5 statics. We favor small- to mid-sized engagements and frequently enjoy flying alongside our frenemies in larger-scale operations. We will help you make ISK with corporate buy-back programs and lucrative j-space PVE content.

We place a premium on social interaction among our members. We require Discord presence and encourage fostering a positive, welcoming, business casual atmosphere. If you’re ready to bust out of stale empire or blue donut gameplay and take some risk for the ISK, then APPLY TODAY!

Applicants must have Amarr Cruiser V trained and will be required to demonstrate that they can dive our chain and locate content within a 30-day apprenticeship period.

Interested? Join ‘amor public’ in-game chat channel and say hello, or head to our discord:


Good luck guys!

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Sounds really interesting!

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This is my second WH corp, the fist one we just didn’t know what we were doing. This group really has their ■■■■ together. I am having a blast. (Pun intended)

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Thanks bud!

Recuritment is OPEN, hit us up on discord!


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I’ve been in a couple wormhole corps. I’ve never been in one so determined to make each and everyone of it’s members a valuable part of the team. They’ll make sure every member grows and becomes a better player.

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Recruitment is OPEN WOOO

AMOR: Shoot things, everyday.

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My name is Giovanni Georgio, and you should join AMOR

looking at joining 72 mill sp pilot with 23 mill scanning pilot

72 mill sp pilot with 23 mill scanning pilot looking to join can fly all 4 races of hac, recon, logi,hics

Join ‘AMOR Public’

Join our public channel in game or ping me in our public chat on discord!

“I don’t base. I just don’t do it. I may join AMOR from time to time, just to get me thru the day, but I. Do. Not. Base.”

Recruitment Status: OPEN!

“My spirit animal is a tiny weasel, or maybe a large gecko.” -Actual Member Quote