Amsterdam, playing physically as a team

I havent played for a few years due to tragedy in my private life. I do not see myself start again soon unless I find strong and immediate motivation to do so. The perfect scenario would be to find a bunch of players with very solid goals, a somewhat fair gameplay, personal ethics, worldliness and morality - with the explicit desire to play physically together as a team. Since I am likely to be moving to Amsterdam in the next few months I’d love lay the groundwork to do so right now. If it all pans out I will be physically situated less than 150 meters from Amsterdam Centraal and will have sufficient space and amenities to host 4 players and their respective hardware on a frequent basis.

My main is from 2006. I never did anything monumental but I do have a fairly broadly skilled character. I am not a particularly talented player when I am on my own (motivational/depression issues) but I tend to thrive as part of a team.

In my private life I party really wild. Sex, drugs & Rock’n’Roll. Or in my case, Fetish parties, amphetamine and Dance.

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@Khannea_Sun-Tzu I will mail you in game. Join our dutch community.

I dont have the game installed,

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