An idea for dispersing citadel warfare

Similar to how FozzieSov (which I am not a huge fan of) tries to spread fights out at nodes, a similar thing could be done with structure fights. Nodes spawn in adjacent systems. Players can fight over them. If a node is destroyed, the damage cap of the citadel increases by a fixed amount/percent. If the node is successfully hacked, the reinforcement timer decreases by a certain amount/percent.

I’m not too picky on the exact benefits to the attackers or defenders. You can give ways to both sides to modify the timer or the structure resists or the damage cap, etc. Just that this may be a way of spreading out fights, making undefended citadels die even faster, and giving both attackers and defenders good options to manipulate fights.

So… Nodes related to my citadel spawn in the system your citadel is in? And this seems a good idea?
Not to mention WH space.
And why would my citadel be affected by something off grid?

It sort of makes sense for Sov since Sov is an all encompassing thing, not just a ‘here is a structure’ but it affects all areas of your space.
Undefended Citadels already die fast enough if low power.

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Why would your citadel be affected by something offgrid? Um… Endor?
Haha but seriously. Your logic about nodes for you structure spawning in enemy space does make sense, and I agree with it. But the devs have already demonstrated their disregard for it with FozzieSov. So I think there’s a precedent for it. Regardless, I don’t see an issue with it. It just means that the more adjacent systems you own the better.

Another benefit is that a lot of the codebase is already in place for implementation.

WH space would just work like it does today. So no issue there.

Endor wasn’t off grid. The Death Star was anchored at the beacon for the moon, ala moon mining Athanor.
Citadels magically working differently for how you defend them in different space is also silly.

Also you have yet to prove that there is any issue with Citadel fights in general.

“tries to” being the most relevant phrase there. For the same reason you never see big fleets split up into 5 groups to attack several citadels at once, you don’t see huge fleets split up to attack several different nodes at the same time. The enemy will simply take their whole fleet and attack each group one by one.

In the Fozzie Sov system the big TiDi infused fight just happens at a random node and the winner then uses their advantage to take the other nodes.

I’d honestly prefer a single citadel type structure for sov fights, versus the constellation node stuff.

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hey you know that broken pos that is fozzi sov? the thing so bad ccp back pedaled on hard with structures? yeah lets add more of that

Actually, I would be in favor of doing this for citadels and removing it for sov.

-.- they were going to have structures use the same system until everyone learned its a ■■■■ system and no fun. that is why damage caps were developed.

S-Class hackable support citadels?

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