An Idea

(Scipio Artelius) #21

However, based on your OP:

  1. No combat ships inside the wormhole
  2. At least 2 WH generators

There are no opposing Corps and no opposition at all inside the wormhole and not even a need at all for opposing Corps (just 2 generators).

even if there is opposition, how do they shoot you since no combat ships are allowed in the WH?

(Lutian) #22

The amount of money won’t be able to influence the ability to create wormholes.

You focus on aspects that really don’t matter. You are missing the point entirely.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #23

So why would anyone even want to do this if all they do is waste it in these things? What is the point in acquiring resources (which can be turned into money) if they end up loosing in doing this?

(Lutian) #24

Why do you wake up everyday?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #25

And what does waking up have to do with doing a non-profitable thing in the game?

These types of comments you are making are only taking credibility even further away from your idea, they are vague and make no sense.

(Lutian) #26

The reason they make no sense to you is because we look at Eve from two very different perspective. You view it from the point of being a consumer, I view it from the point of being a “content creator.”

Having things in the game that attract new players is ideal. Creating a space in a game which allows for people to take ships into a battlefield during prime hours and get fights is something that pvp’rs certainly want. But instead of just making it a pvp ground you also make it a ground for doing all things in Eve.

It allows for the creation of self sustaining corps that don’t need to rely on material from a place they currently don’t have access too. Want to build ships too blow up? Better get into that WH.

All types of reasons this could be a positive thing. Just gotta think about things from a different view point.

(Nevyn Auscent) #27

So basically you want WH space with rolling holes…
We don’t need a whole new mechanic for PvP opportunities in space that offers everything.
We already have that in every single area of space.

This entire mechanic adds nothing and is abusable as anything. Ergo it’s a terrible idea and adding more and more mechanics & restrictions onto it to try and fix that simply makes it even worse

(Arcanith Lionheart) #28

You really need to put it in your “content creator” head that this is a sandbox, not an MOBA, not an MMORPG, nothing, and you want to “create” a place where corporations go in and mine to their hearts content with pvp just because people know for sure there is another corp in there.
You claim that the materials acquired won’t influence the ability of making more WHs, so… Why not just buy the materials in Jita and just be risk free?
Two corps, one place, NOTHING is keeping these corps from entering Diplomacy, if they wish to gain something from it, they will simply decide not to fight at all, and like I keep mentioning, big corps will abuse the crap out of this.
This is by no means a battlefield, this is more like an arena, but one where people can just sit idle and mine instead of fighting.
"Hey Jeff! You heard of that game, EvE? Yeah, people are completly safe now getting rare stuff without fear of blowing up thanks to these random wormhole generators that big corporations now abuse"
I would definitely not like that at all, Low and Null are there for a reason, rare resources where the ships can be blown up, and this is, YET AGAIN, adding a risk free place so the big corps get even more powerful/rich.

(Lutian) #29

Do you even know what a sandbox means? It means you can do anything.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #30

A sandbox is a style of game in which minimal character limitations are placed on the gamer, allowing the gamer to roam and change a virtual world at will. In contrast to a progression-style game, a sandbox game emphasizes roaming and allows a gamer to select tasks.

Minimal does not mean Anything. This you propose breaks it, because it is instead generating a place where these people just get things risk free. No ganks, no battles, nothing! What sandbox is there in a place you just collect resources?

And again you dodge the question, If this WHG will be so expensive to the point of the ENTIRETY OF THE WORMHOLE NOT GENERATING ENOUGH MONEY BACK, why would people even risk doing this?

(Lutian) #31


(Keno Skir) #32

That’s the spirit :thumbsupparrot:

(Lutian) #33

That was simply my resignation in my discussion with the other guy. Can’t change someone’s perspective.

(yellow parasol) #34

i don’t see how this creates content. it only creates farmland, which can be harvested passively. mining, or shooting npcs, isn’t much of content in the first place, and this idea seems to create isolated pockets of perfectly safe nullsec renter space.

this idea would have way more behind it, if people were actually forced to fight for the stuff inside, but this isn’t going to happen. carebears don’t fight, and these are the primary target of your idea.

seriously, CCP already is the biggest enemy we have. they deliberately keep breeding more and more of them. the last thing this game needs is more greedy, whiny, cowardish nullbears. sorry.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #35

Of course not, because you can’t even come up with solid statements that you can make this idea work without being exploited, without being damaging to someones economy and without being wonky in how it works in pvp, instead you’d rather ask “why do you wake up everyday” as if it had a huge meaning to this. If you cannot change my perspective with the impression you gave me then I’m afraid to tell you if you keep that up you will very unlikely do well in the business world, because as you can see there are other people which hasn’t been enticed by your idea yet.

As a content creator there is So Much More than just saying “Let’s make this!” You got to think on how it will affect things, and me with my “Content creator” mentality, it sucks, it will bring exploits, damage players wallets unnecessarily and would just not work in the sandbox environment due to that being a sort of “instanced dungeon”. I understood the concept, but it is flawed like I kept trying to say and even ask what could be done from your point of view, yet no solutions to it, instead more “Less warp disruptors and No d-scan”, which tells a lot from you as a “content creator”.

Yellow Parasol even said it, people just won’t fight. Because they can just come up with A) Diplomacy or B) Be the owner of the other corp. And I stated beforehand All the things it would have this to happen.

I want to see ships blow up too, but for that to happen there would have to be something unique in known space or Cold Wars turned into actual Wars or have more people with the guts to try and expand territory and make a name for themselves or more spies causing havoc inside an Alliance because of the level of trust they acquired. Instanced areas are so damn exploitable and just don’t make sense in a universe where the player makes up most of the content themselves that can lead to change other peoples content too.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #37

(Keno Skir) #38

(this is elite forum PvP at it’s finest)

(Lukett MyDabb) #39

There is nothing wrong with blazing like snoop dogg, unless it’s a server. It’s not that one person can spam these structures, it’s that there are lots of corps, lots of alliances. even if you divide them by two.

so when you make a BRAND NEW system, and repeat over, and over again. that’s gonna make server load. REGARDLESS of the equipment. Someone has record somewhere that they put a top of the line server rig in charge of a specific fight, and they still had to cause time delay because it couldn’t handle it.

so i say again, CCP says no, so the servers don’t have to.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #40

you… you realize eve already has this tech right? its how jump drive and jump bridges work

(Scipio Artelius) #41

There is more than 1 server node in the cluster. Systems aren’t all spawned on a single node and tidi in large fights occurs when there are thousands of entities on a node, not just a few.

Currently, the T3 servers handle all 8036 generally with no problems. What the OP is talking about wouldn’t increase the load that much as each system would be near empty. Depending on architecture, it could actually decrease server load because we’d all be near solo playing.