Some various ideas

  1. Add Level 1 Mining Barge to the 20 mill Alpha Set - at the most base level a level 1 mining barge operator wont mine much and allows miners to still operate in null / wh space ventures simply die to rats in one or two shots otherwise add a cruiser class miner Ore mining vessel that can maybe fit 1x strip miner

  2. PI system needs a big overhaul it is too time consuming and needs a lot of changes to make it fun maybe instead of the current system develop a system more like industry

Harvest Base Materials
Refine Materials
use BPO/BPC to make a product
use invention / Research to improve that product
Expand the ground base structure to be a new type of Upwell base that deploys on a planet then you land your ship and have a FPS like setup for harvesting and manufacturing on world
then you fill your ship hold and fly back to orbit

the base could also be a static Empire/concord facility you lease for your time on world

Gnosis witrh 6 mining lasers will outperform venture and still have enough EHP / drone DPS for selfdefence against null sec rats. No need for a new ships, that will allow to afk mine to higher degree.

Other than pi needing an overhaul your ideas are just laughable.

That you managed to cram so many cliche ideas into one thread makes me think it’s a troll

Simple solution.

Bring back the mining osprey.

Problem… solved.

He didn’t actually have any ideas there. He just said what the problem was.

“Make it fun” is a goal, not an idea.

  1. An Alpha with Level 1 Barge is only going to be 8.2% slower at mining than an Omega with Level 5 Barge. That’s a tiny difference in performance for what’s the equivalent of 1.6 billion ISK per month in PLEX costs.

  2. PI is fun. It’s fun contesting Customs Offices, and fighting for control and ownership of them. Any new system needs to respect the notion that all extraction and refinement of PI needs to be done on planet, and that mass movement of PI goods needs to be gated and taxed by the POCO.

ffs leave pi alone, if it becomes “fun”, “easy” or “less of a clickfest” my profits will plummet

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… what are you talking about? He gave ideas to add fps to planets introduce another ore mining frigate and to let alphas fly mining barges

Sorry, I’ll be more specific (my reply also dealt solely with the PI comments).

He didn’t have any ideas for PI that would actually be possible to implement without CCP opening up a whole new dev studio. Adding an FPS or an RTS to Eve would be completely contrary to current game design.

PI itself is pretty contrary to the rest of the game design. That’s not the problem with PI though. The problem with PI is that it’s not fun, and it’s not appropriate to open it to Alphas. OP’s suggestion sounds like he’d want a PI rework that wouldn’t benefit from multiple accounts so that it could be opened up to Alphas. An FPS is probably not a great idea because of a high cost dev investment for what would end up being a terrible implementation, because CCP isn’t any good at FPSes. If I want to play an FPS, I’ll go play a fun one. Same with RTS really. So a single-toon PI implementation would probably have to be more along the lines of the depth and interface of a mobile game. That would also have the upside of being able to be ported to mobile devices, which in my case would actually probably get me more active in-game with EVE. Bonus points if PI 2.0 helps you develop useful non-EVE skills, such as tying resource acquisition to music principles (like the ear training games for recognizing notes and chords), or a grasp of euclidean geometry. There are a million skill-training apps out there that could be adapted to a compelling mini-game. This would be like how probing is tied to 3d triangulation, which is a universal geometry principle. Just my own take on making mini games meaningful, because I suspect meaningful is better than clever, and clever loses it’s shine so quickly I can’t recall CCP succeeding in clever in quite awhile.

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