An important thing to note when you are being hunted

Many of you might have noticed the change to the chats in Eve and that they have become less stable. One of the changes was to detail all people in a channel. Now think about that for a second.

As soon as you log in you will show up in a chat channel, people can scroll through the channel to see if you are there and this means by default they know if you are online or not. So if you are under a war dec in hisec or being hunted as you are in a Titan or Super one important thing you must do is remove every single chat channel that a spy can get into easily, especially public ones, because you can be sure that people will be using this.

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OR always be logged in. Which you should do anyhow.

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With a cloak, in space, in a nullsec system inhabited by renters or botters. :wink:


be careful to not decloack your titan though :smiley:

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Everyone forgot about adding an contact with online check?

the watchlist was removed from the game like two years ago… what you’re talking about is the buddy list. That requires both parties to have that box checked.


Quite right.

Just to be clear for others what I am talking about is people intelligently using public chat channels in Eve to see if you are online. And it is damn effective, be very aware of your chat channels.

I was replying to the guy above me.

Sorry misunderstood, I corrected my reply, thanks.

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In other news, large turrets don’t fit to frigates! None of you would have known that without me telling you. You are welcome.


however civilian railgun fits on a titan ! None would have guessed !!!

EVEN a cloaky titan stealth camping an enemy rating zone !

And I remember putting Torps on Kestrals…, you are obviously a young un…

You are obviously salty for my post flagging this and your salt made my morning, please post again.

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Since when are torps turrets and since when are Kestrels Kestrals?


You are too young to perceive this.

Over sized weapons on frigates is the simple answer. Did I say that Torps were turrets, nope!

And if I say Kestrals then I ignored the spell check, what does it matter you understood what it meant.

Keep bumping the thread, hopefully enough people see this and don’t give free intel away.

Some gr8 points Drac.

Hunted a few griefers such as: Panther Eto and Faylee. Now I have to use ALT’s to sit in their chat channels. The funniest lack of OPSEC when hunting Ganktards was Boney Tooth running a live feed whilst in a Gank Fleet.

Swich off the Channels n live feeds :roll_eyes:

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