Covert, Recon, Deepscan + Alliance Structure Changes

Some idea’s to help stream line null, and wormhole space into a more fluid uniform structure.

  • Remove Player created channels from eve
  • Local redesigned for both null, and wormhole space. Players will now appear after 5 minutes in the system, or talking. both null and wormhole space will work like this (Stream lining the operation into one uniform).
  • Add a new structure can hides a corporation or alliance members presence in local. Independent structure.
  • Remove Deep Scan from players
  • Create a new structure that enables anyone allied to the structures owner to issue a deep space scan for the entire system. The scan automatically issues every 2 minutes. it will show where player ships are, however probes will be required to scan-warp to the target

Covert Ops
30% Probe Strength (up from 10%)
30% Reduced Scan Time (added bonus)

Combat Recons
Can now use covert ops cloaks.

You’re trolling, right?


Worse, he’s being totally serious because “we as developers…”

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After reading that post I now fully remember why I quit these forums 10 months ago… Taking a peek again definitely was a mistake.


wormhole local and null local being different s a bit silly. Spamming dscan is a huge pain, and horrible design.

removing dscan and buffing the cloak ships (covert, recon) would significantly improve their value while offering another alternative to dscan that is more practical. changes to covert to buff probing will significantly improve their value as a support-related scout.

It’s really not that silly. There are no stargates in wormhole-space and no other network of structures that would uphold local.

Um, no. EvE is a social game, and reducing the options for socializing is inherently counter-productive.

Also, given the heavy reliance on out-of-game chat sources by larger organizations, removing player-made channels would just force smaller organizations to start using them.

Why should local chat in null and wormhole space operate the same way? The regions of space are inherently different even if you ignore the differences in how local operates.

This one is actually a little interesting, but I have to ask: hide them from whom? Everybody, or just folks not in the structure’s corp/alliance? It can’t really be the latter because then you’d end up with multiple combinations of who’s visible in local which is inherently counter-productive to your goal of streamlining things.

What’s a “deep scan?” Directional scanners don’t show you where player ships are, and you can’t both remove probes and improve their bonuses on certain ships.

Either way, removing directional scan or scan probes from players would be a horrible idea. CCP is supposedly working on some sort of anchorable system-wide sensor array, so I’d wait until that comes out before pushing on that idea.



No, wormholes don’t have stargates to record who comes and goes.

go be social in alliance chat.

If they want to intel, they can do it there. as long as its not coalition wide, its fine.
Id rather move to “gui elements” that can be opened to show the map. for example a structure that can be dropped in systems, that will scan the system every x seconds, minutes etc, posting “hostiles: 13” on the map much like the map shows “ships killed in the last 24 hours”. instead of using the games main map, you could create a regional one or near by region+ region your in on a “more condensed” map something that can be opened by clicking the system name up on the top left of the screen.

because its called “fluidity in game design”, and players being required to “push a button like crazy” is insane.

Alliance A drops structure
Intruder B enters
B cannot see A in local
talking results in [unknown]: 12:21:33: Yo whats up
possibly setting it up so that people in the corp dont see “unknown” but see the person who is chatting.

No they dont, but they have largely become useless since probes were introduced. Since probes can be made to find the direction and position, and give war to’s, and cover ops are also out of “value” in “Scouting” they could take a new powerful position of d-scan was removed.

At this point the dscan only serves as a “is something close to me” button which is largely used by wormholers, and its more an annoyance then anything. Its also one of the reasons a lot of people do not want to go to wormhole space, because they dont want to be bugged with spamming the button.

Can you try to not be silly with valueless argumentation.

I could argue something stupid like “well capitals are not recorded by star gates cuz they dont jump through them, ergo, your argument is invalid”.

The point is that both null and wormhole space got it all wrong, and something between them is beneficial for both, and makes the game more fluid and easier to understand. lastly it encourages interaction.

You’ve never seen a good scout then. Directional scanner is very useful in locating targets for both defence and attack, especially in wormhole-space (dropping probes is a great way to give away your presence in the system…) You can even use D-scan to narrow down where your target is before dropping probes to scan them down. Instead of probing the entire system, you can just focus on that one signature/safespot you know they are at.

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Please iv been scouting in null alliances since 2003, june.

having covert ops having super fast, strong scans can significantly invalidate the d-scan, improve the chance to catch things, and also improve the ship class.

when it comes to dscan and probes, dscan just has no reason to exit with probes around, anything it can do a probe can do better.

dscan is just not needed anymore.

I’ll just add my -1 and leave the twilight zone.

If you have a ship equipped with combat probes, those combat probes are going to be much mroe effective than D-Scan in most situations. That I’ll grant you.

But not every ship has combat probes. If you’re in a fleet sans prober and you need to find a target, what’s quicker? Warping to every celestial and just using the “is something close to me” button, or actually using the “directional” in “directional scanner” to quickly identify which object (or spot between objects) they’re at? It’s nowhere as effective as a combat probe, but D-Scan is still incredibly useful.

Alliances weren’t introduced until the Exodus expansion of 2004. Arguing from a position of authority is pretty weak to begin with, but when you undermine your own claim to authority, you’re done. Sticking to the merits of your ideas will probably be much more productive than simply trying to pound your chest in order to get folks to agree with you.

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Correct, just as recon and covert ops do not really have a significant purpose in fleets.
By making this change their value will significantly increased, specially if, the covert ops gains both scan speed, and scan power bonus’s.

this is a huge game changer for this type of ship.

It will encourage them to be forward scouts, to jump in cloaked and fine stuff. with local removed, it will have 5 minutes to tag something for the interceptors to jump in and work with the cloaked ship neat to the target to tackle them.

further more,

removing this from wormhole space actually makes it less tedious, and makes wormhole space safer but more unpredictable.

Mechanically this is true, b ut you also had the ever so lovely “picture swapping” that tookplace back then that provided the same function.

Actually if you played back then you’d know this was the reason why alliances were added to eve to start with.

Yes, alliances were in the game, not coded like they are now, but they existed, very much so.

Recon-ships do have a place in fleets. They are very strong EWAR-platforms, which allow you to turn the tide of a battle. Covert ops -class includes both the covert ops -frigate and the bomber. The covops-frigate is being used as a scout already, especially in wormhole-space. That is usually the first ship that jumps through any new wormhole-connection and scouts it out. The bomber is surprisingly versatile and a fleet of them can destroy even the largest of fleets.

Since you don’t seem to know what you are talking about when it comes to wormhole-space, let me give you a few tips:

  • As a scout (in that covert ops -frigate you deemed useless), you are the first one jumping into a fresh hole. Your primary job is to locate anything worth killing right now. If nothing appears, you are supposed to survey the system and see what is in there. Both of these are done mostly with directional scanner. Because there is no local, your presense is not given away immediately. Dropping probes would give away that there is someone in the system. That is why, as a wormhole-scout, you do not drop probes unless there is nothing else you can use to locate the target OR to scan down the signatures for the next hole.
  • In fleets, it’s quite common to see both force recons and combat recons. They are very powerfull ships with strong EWAR, which allows a smaller fleet to punch above it’s weight.

Wormhole-space does not need to be made any safer. It is supposed to be the weird and dangerous part of Eve. Adding local would not make it unpredictable, it would make it MORE predictable. Just look at nullsec.

You have proven again that you do not understand what you are talking about. Your arguments for the changes are totally out of touch with the game.

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Since you clearly have not played eve in the days of real ewar power i will simply reply like “the recon is not as good as it should be”, hate to tell you but bombers are more valuable in cover ops.

To be honest, the entire idea of covert opts ship types (All of them) should be revisited, Recons and covert ops ships are missing something highly important, something to give them an edge.

I think with dscan removed, and local reworked to now show people in it the first 3 or 5 minutes, they will become more mainstream.

Much more jump range, and much lower jump fatigue would significantly help them.

Adding local and putting a “5 minute” (or what ever amount) time on it lets people know the system is not empty, thus the response is they will look to gank.

Removing dscan makes it less predictable of finding potential enemies in the system by spamming a button (and less tedious).

These changes make the space more dangerous, however in those moments of having to be scanned, and not having someone zip around dscanning, you are much more likely to be “safe” as it will be harder to find you.

So long as hisec gets equally more dangerous, I am all for this.

So let’s make hisec Concord to only appear if someone presses the button to call Concord over, and it takes them 5 minutes to arrive.

Sound good?