Opt out of dscan and local

A module that jams whatever makes you show up on local and another module that jams whatever that makes you show up on dscan. These are quite controversial but it will make the game feel more alive. For the most part If you are in a system with 0 in local you know its dead. But after this kind of module is introduced you never know. Maybe if you fit module to not show up in local then you also cannot see others in local. Idk. but i guess we dont really want the game to change so also its why this is a bad idea. Changing the game is bad and CCP should just add a new system with new NPCs to keep people interested.

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of wormholes

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There is already a deployable thingy that blocks d-scan in a certain radius. Although the thingy itself will show up on d-scan…

The cloak module will also “block” dscan while active.

I think there’s certainly room for improvement in how local chat operates.

Edit (was on a bus when posting previously): I’m not sure a module removing oneself from local is particularly good. Delaying appearing in local by a minute would, imo, be a better way forward. Perhaps a sov upgrade would lower this delay time.
Or just get rid of it altogether, although the nullbears would howl if that happens. The response to the Blackout was to just not log in, which is bad overall.

Having modules that would function as you suggest is not a particularly good way forward I feel. They would become ubiquitous on ratting ships and hunters alike. Finding content can already be hard enough, having to speculatively combat probe every system looking for targets would get very old, very fast.

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Combat Recon Ships

Combat Recon Ships (combat recons) are fairly straight up T2 upgrades of their T1 counterparts. They have more tank, more speed, T2 resists, far bigger targeting range, and more EWAR bonuses. This makes them popular force multipliers in fleets.

They are also popular hunters as they do not show up on dscan. This makes them particular good to hunt people who might otherwise feel secure because their sites are gated and they monitor dscan.

The four combat recons are:

Source: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Recon_Ships#Combat_Recon_Ships