How does anchoring work in the lore? How do you ignore orbital mechanics and just “pin” something in place relative to the nearest gravity well?

they’re ‘locked’ to the gravity well through quantum action of some description

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The same reason I can fly inside of a star and just sit there. EVE magic…

I treat this bit as something that does not need an explanation. It’s just how it works. In RL, we don’t go around thinking how televisions or coffee machines or combustion engines or ballpoint pens or whatever works, we just know what they can (and cannot) do. I try to take more ingame things like this the same way: they just work the way they do and the people in our stories don’t think about that all that much.


EVE wouldn’t be any fun if it was realistic. Would you really want to have to find and figure out a La Grange point every time you wanted to anchor anything?

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Yeah, that would be a pain lol, in Kerbal Space Program with the Principia mod, Lagrange points are both hard to find and SUPER unstable. They’d be near useless in EVE. Maybe something like quantum flux tube pinning but with gravity?

Just pretend they have little maneuvering thrusters to keep them in place…

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If it’s realism we are going for, according to the lore all ships have non-capsuleer crews. So the next time my battleship explodes, I want a thousand corpses in the debris field…


That’d be laggy but funny

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