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Does anyone know why the physics engine of EVE has been, and still is centered around fluid dynamics instead of astrodynamics? It’s a small thing that always bugs me where the play experience looks more like I’m piloting a submarine through water with an up and down orientation, as opposed to the vacuum of space where there is no up or down and classical mechanics apply.

Because it’s a game that was developed in 1999 by a group of friends in one of their garages. They would have to develop an entirely new system to change it. Plus newtonian physics can be difficult to deal with for many people.

There is a lore reason for it btw. Look up “pegs.”

This. Real Space Physics are not very fun to play for most people. Our minds are simply not programmed for such an environment.

Rail_J’kar is right. but honestly due to how the eve technology works in keeping with the lore doesn’t require the in game environment to have to worry about that stuff, I had a conversation with a good friend from EVE in a pub (we met in person) and i said to him that technically once a ship or structure is destroyed, the PEG’s should no longer be functioning and thus wrecks should be subject to the natural laws of physics, i assume this is why they disappear after about 3 hours, however if you made the game factor in genuine decay rates and drift patterns and such, considering the servers can’t even handle space mines, i figured the other stuff would just cause server issues.

I believe they have re-written some aspects of the PEG’s lore (i’m a bit behind and rusty on it to be honest) but the TLDR of the lore is that
“eve technology is used to create movement and anchor things in a fixed point of space thus we have the technology we know and love”

honestly that works for me.

(Side Tangent)
I do kinda wish maybe the axis of the models could be tweeked slightly and expansion of the controls within the games menu to allow players to control their ships, perform barrel rolls and other such things using a HOTAS interface. in fact a LOT of controls and commands can be re-programmed to a HOTAS however there are certain movements you cannot perform (i forget what though, its been a while since i looked into it properly) however you can also not hot key Eject or Self-destruct which i feel would be huge bonuses to such a game play style. you just wouldn’t get the free fire weapon range you would in EVE Valkyrie due to how the game is coded, but there really isn’t much more i can say on that at all and this is now way off topic, just think Eject, Self-Destruct, HOTAS controls and upgrading model axis ranges would be pretty sweet.

Have you played Kerbal Space Program? It’s pretty great as game to show you how real physics in space are supposed to work.

And while I think realistic physics could be interesting in EVE, I also think that the game would be completely different and not like the EVE we know if it had realistic physics.

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I can see an EVE Online “Citizen, Space Program” spin off game, where planetary citizens try ancient space faring methods kinda like how people today keep old arts like blacksmithing and leather working alive, or restore old vehicles for show and take them on tour. no idea how it would play but i think it would be a hoot to play something like that.

As long as the EVE server runs on 1 second ticks responsive, manual control of your ship will never be possible. At that point just play Elite Dangerous. Not to mention Jita undock would be a trainwreck 24/7…

Elite Dangerous is a grindy train-wreck in itself. And the fact the the ships travel faster than light by manipulating the gravitational forces, yet artificial gravity doesn’t exist in that game universe is physics breaking in of itself.

Plus. There isn’t a singular thing dangerous about elite dangerous. The one thing that might have posed a threat, the thargoids, got nerfed into consensual pve instancing because of all the insipid whining by the crybears.

Valkyrie uses Unreal Engine 4.14.3, running PhysX 3.4.

It’s fun to open in UE4 and play slamming Megathrons into other ships by altering the mass and gravity.

The outsourced development team that made that game never encrypted the assets, and, is no longer supported by CCP, so, enjoy…

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Dramiel: *Exists

Someone after an hour:

“Velocity is 3,240,000 m/s and increasing.”

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