More realism

So I had a thought about regarding the realism of Eve. My first question is why can my missles fly through structures or other ships that are not targets? Why does my ship bounce off asteroids but fly through planets? Has the idea of line of sight been discussed before? I think it would add a new challenge to PvP.

Another thought I had is the concept of a bridge view for ships. It’s basically a first person view but overlooking your ship from the bridge. For example the Orca bridge seems to be further aft than the first person camera suggests and therefore in the first person view the forward section of the ship would be visible. I don’t know, just tossing it out there for consideration.

The computation complexity would likely kill the servers. EvE is not a space flight simulation … and because of that we can have thousands of players in one system fighting.

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This what you looking for?

The PEG’s sphere in regular space versus subspace.

The whole game is set in the far future, so don’t ask for realism, we are not there yet! :slight_smile:

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We have magical missiles that can travel through solid objects… apparently, I love the idea of s bridge view that would look cool.

The only thing you’d see from the bridge of that Orca is space flying sideways after you get hit by a Mach…


Bridge view doesn’t exist since we don’t use a bridge. We use a pod.


There are other games made to scratch the itch you’re talking about. EVE isn’t that game. Also, those other games don’t tend to stick around very long, so maybe the itch you’re talking about isn’t what people really want.

I wonder if physics could be incorporated to a limited degree in, my 10,000 k ship smashes into a 100,000,000 k ship and my ship explodes?

Is that too much to ask?

or how about my tiny ship NOT be able to (bump) a ship so massive like it is a gigantic beach ball?

Am I being unreasonable asking for that much? :confused:

Bumping is a valid, and often necessary, tactic. Sorry…

Why it is valid in the present physics engine I understand.
I don’t see why you are sorry about anything.
It is just something you have to do because of the current in game physics.

…But the physics should not operate the way it does and should be a simple fix.

Leap of logic. It should be a simple fix. It isn’t even remotely a simple fix. It would require an entire rework of the entire game to just start it.

Hit boxes overlap and Impart it as kinetic damage and you are done. >:(

Throw in a buffer of impact to prevent everything blowing up at low velocity’s if needed.

So I set up a bump ship that has 99% kinetic resists…


Seems legit.

So I get to bump all I want while taking near zero damage.

or virtually no damage… assuming you have the mass and acceleration to overcome the stabilization compensation thrusters of the ship you are impacting to move it in any meaningful way to begin with.

Which EVE ships do not have…

That can be added in a later patch after people get used to the fact they could blow themselves up by flying at max velocity straight into a ship significantly larger than themselves and/or kamikaze tactics into ships not so much larger than themselves or ramming smaller ships.

I’m all for adding more physics, but tiny steps… We don’t want to scare people with reality (too) much too fast. :slight_smile:

and it will let the dev’s get a feel for it’s effects on the server as well.