Hi, I may be out to lunch but meh. I’m new and look forward to the game regardless, but is there gravity and or planetary manipulation like in Universal Sandbox and Space Engine?

Nope… why would there be?

EVE Online and those are completely different games.

EDIT: Would be funny if a moon rock chunk being drilled keeps going and pops a structure because it went into low power.

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It’s space.

Also I wanted to get a first post out of the way as it seems EVE Online could have a very intriguing community.


Just forget about the Laws of Physics. It’s not really space, it’s EVE - A somewhat complicated board game…
Collisions, vacuum, gravity, ballistics - don’t bother, or you’ll go mad :wink:

oh you are not wrong there.

80% of forum posters are EVE haters though so ignore them.

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The physics engine in Eve more closely resembles submarines than space ships and it is greatly simplified - the servers would melt if they tried to accurately model the physics for more than a few objects and Eve battles can have thousands of ships plus thousands more fighters, missiles and drones that need to be tracked independently. Sometimes the servers melt or at least slow to a crawl even without the added complexity of gravity!

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Actually, it’s underwater.

EVE follows submarine physics more then it does space physics.

If they used space physics, you didn’t need engines as a single burst will sent you on a trajectory for a long long long time.

“intriguing”…yes…it is certainly that…
The EvE community is at the same time a very good and a bad yet still overall great community. Often helpful, but will tear someone to shreds depending, often incredibly supporting, but will also tell someone to shut up and harden up. Your attitude in your interactions with your fellow EvE players is paramount. Simply don’t be a whiner and that will serve you well.

New Eden has different physics than our place in space.
The designers of EvE chose to make EvE physics favour gameplay over “reality”.
NASA guy who plays EvE explains EvE physics:


Very well said.

With the EVE community, it really depends on how you approach them in how they will react.

Be an ass or whine, and they will eat you raw and spit you back out.

Be nice and polite, and you will find that many people will go out of their way to help you.

As with the forums, there it also really depends where you post :wink:

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It makes me wonder what kind of rig it would require. Like, if frames per second could have a Paramount affect?


Oh, no wait, I heard it only took one command per second anyway… :woozy_face:

That is wrong, you can enter many commands within a second, but most of them take that second to be executed, albeit simultaneously at that famous “click”.

Underwater: I definitely don’t recommend to bump in a submarine, and I still don’t get the mining mechanics: It’s witchcraft with lasers…

While there isn’t any mid course correction like you might get in a submarine, broadly speaking, you’re correct. I hadn’t actually thought about it like that before, but you’re right. Thanks.

A very good point well made.

The real-life complexities of interstellar gravitational forces are so complex that NASA has to use supercomputers to work it all out and sometimes the computations take days, weeks and occasionally even longer.

Admittedly some of the math (near-Earth orbits and so on) is now known to the extent that it’s non-problematic but it still needs large chunks of processing power.

If you apply all of this to Eve and add into the equation the large number of players doing completely random stuff, wormholes, warp corridors, anomalies, asteroids, planetary bodies, orbits, then the math grows exponentially.

You could do it in a limited way of course, but even that, given the number of players and the game complexity would be a very big ask.


So, as it stands, internet ping is Paramount and the video card can be a joke?


How much would the CPU matter? :crazy_face:

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The Destiny engine runs on both the client and the server.

“The only difference between the server and client calculations is the fact that the server needs to process every scenario with objects in them for a given system, while the client only deals with objects visible in and relevant to the scene it is currently located in.”

A midrange video card and processor are recommended if you want to take full advantage of the graphics. 16 Gb RAM is recommended for the 64 bit client.

I think actually it’s possible to play without any graphics, just by overview and some data charts.
But of course the scene is amazing, so press F9 when undocked and enjoy the view.

Spaceships in Eve behave like submarines, and not spaceships. It’s weird, but it works.

While correct, this isn’t the actual reason why the DEVs went with “submarine physics.”

The reason is because “submarine physics” it MUCH more simple and intuitive for the average player to understand.

If you haven’t played the Kerbal Space Program I highly recommend you do so.
One quickly learns how fabulously irritating “Zero-G physics” are.

Crude example:
Imagine a large, iced over lake.
The ice on the lake is not even. It has gentle dips and rises that you cannot exactly see… and there is a slight upward “grade” between the edges and the center of the lake.
Now imagine trying to skate on that lake… with rocket strapped to your back and a fire extinguisher as your only means of “course correction.”


Just imagine the effect of firing missiles or rounds, LOL.

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Specially with Newton’s third law :smiley:

You shoot a rocket and fly backwards with the same force of the blast

It would make space battles more fun to watch by ricochetting people all over the place


Since it’s down time, I found this video (read the description maybe) that’s only two minutes.