Anger Games Free Advert Details!

The Anger Games, broadcast live on the EVE_NT Twitch channel on April 24 + 25, and May 1, 2, 8 + 9, will be offering advert spots!

There is no cost for advertising on the Anger Games live broadcasts - we want to see adverts for tournament teams, player corporations and alliances, EVE Communities, and everything in between. We will show as many unique adverts as possible, and there is no limit to the number of adverts that can be submitted.

All adverts must follow these rules:

General Rules

  • Advert material must be EVE related and items/services being advertised must be EVE related.
  • Adverts must reflect positively on EVE itself (we are willing to offer feedback on this!)
  • Adverts cannot include copyrighted audio or visuals.
  • Please adhere to the Twitch community guidelines, particularly the section regarding appropriate content.
  • Adverts must be suitable for all ages, respectable and suitable for broadcast- no attack ads, please.
  • Please tactically mute/censor ‘bad’ words - references to boosters or firewater must be as subtle as possible.
  • Also, if you include Discord pings in your audio, we may not show your ad. Beware.

Technical Rules

  • Adverts must have a resolution of 1920x1080 with a 1:1 pixel aspect ratio. Adverts will not be accepted in any other resolutions.
  • Adverts should not contain vertical black bars.
  • Adverts should be 29.97 or 59.94 frames per second. Adverts will not be accepted at any other frame rate.
  • Advert should be between 10-20 seconds long.
  • If you are using Royalty Free / Creative Commons audio then the author must be cited somewhere in the end plate of your video (where you typically put your Logo, URL and such).
  • Include the source of your audio in your message to us, even if you are not required to credit the author.
  • Video codec should be Mp4 or MOV file with H.264 as a compressor at 15 to 20Mbps.
  • Please label your video file appropriately. Example: AllianceName_AdTitle_AGR_2021.mp4
  • You can submit multiple adverts, but we will rotate ads, with an aim to show as many different ads as possible.

Royalty Free audio

We don’t want to take any chances of getting into trouble (or having our content blocked) for using copyrighted material, so we must insist on Royalty Free audio. There is a vast amount of Royalty Free audio online so it should be easy to find a suitable track to back up those pretty visuals.


Please upload the file(s) to your google drive and send us a link on Discord (please make sure we have access roles). Please ensure all ads are sent to BOTH Sothrasil#6478 AND Dirk Stetille#6442.

These requirements can be found and shared at the GDoc too:


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