Angry MidLife Aliens

AMAL is recuiting active adult players !
We are situated in Providence/Catch/+LS
Beside being active in EVE its also important your a kind of social minded and like a good laugh !
21+ Adult Content community !
Weed and rainbow friendly!
We are a bunch of old Eve players getting together for a New start…
EVE can be a unfriendly place… We are a very Supportive Corp.
joining Comms is a Must. (dont have to talk constantly)

We offer:

ratting/exploration/corp moons

Full buy back Program PI/Ore/Salvage

Full indi Structure Support

SRP programe

PvP Fleets SubCap/Cap and small gang pvp.

Capital PVE

Lots of Eve Exp.

close to Amarr tradehub

What we ask of you:

  1. to Auth# prior to join
  2. Be active on QRf/defence Fleets as either Support/logi/dps (we respect rl comes first)
  3. Thick Skin (lots of dark humor can occur)
  4. minimum 2 months Play time
    5 to be an asset !
    Remember Have Fun and Fly Safe!

Angry Midlife Aliens - Angry Midlife Aliens recruiting ! AlienLounge

Can confirm its the best corp in EVE ! so if you wanna be apart of new corp made from active players who know the area and how make isk and find content, look no further ! ps. we are also building a strong indy infrastructure so we’l need some miners and indiguys too, beside crabs and pvp dudes. Cheers !

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Thats HOT!


Corp full of like minded idiots flying spaceships what could possibly go wrong :joy:


Brilliant group…proper good fun and awesome to be with. Leader ship are very helpful and I love the relaxed gameplay


well thank you all, happy that your enjoying yourself here…

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