Very active Star Citizen player looking for a home in EvE!

Hello! Nice meeting you all.

I am a SciFi lover that is looking for an active and truly helpful community within EvE online.

I tried to play EvE a while back but real life got in the way, since then I have been super active in Star Citizen and other games but always been curious about what EvE has to offer.

Looking for a truly active community with a vibrant Discord server that is respectful and cooperative. I have a lot of experience leading teams, logistics and with diplomacy and am willing to spend time learning the ropes to be a valuable team member.

Thank you very much for having me here and looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

** Hanging by a threat ** is a dedicated Null sec corps within AARP Alliance.

We are a sovereignty holding, null security alliance living in [immensea ]. We are an alliance focused on PvP, Industry, and Production in many areas. We’re an easy going, welcoming, but dedicated group that is working towards growth both internally and externally.

We have goals for our corps as a whole. We help Old and New players grow in EvE through measurable goals and objectives. Rewarded by achievement and promotion. You have the chance to take the reigns in what you do best. We promote from within through dedicated knowledge and service.

Shoot pods, rocks, or spreadsheets we do it all…

—Our specializations—

  • We are dedicated towards become one of the most active PvP and PvE groups in AARP. fun fleets, strategic ops and the ability to join in with our many friends on large and huge battles. We also are proud of our production team, and creating New Player stories

----Opportunities ----

  • Alliance ship replacement (SRP) for strategic operations
  • Developed systems with full upgrades to further your ambitions.
  • Ample access to r64 and r32 moons…lots of them! - New bros-> these are the rocks you WANT to mine.
  • Ample space for ratting, mining, exploration, Maxxed out sov upgrades and fleets to do whatever it is you enjoy in your EvE life.
  • Alliance courier service is available, (moving in is as easy as making a courier contract),
  • A forgiving environment for aspiring FCs to develop themselves
  • Regular access to pvp with several surrounding regions

***** Corp buyback program currently at 90% Jita buy*****

We are strategically aligned with many friends who share our values and strategic objectives. :slight_smile:

Our discord :

Welcome back to Eve!

Don’t listen to my old corp mate over there :smiley:

Have a chat with us, we are always looking for people willing to contribute to the greater good of our community. EndlessRain is far from being a one man show, here you can get a more meaningful gaming experience, if that is what you want and you can offer something our community needs.
Having said that, you don’t get a director position the first week :slight_smile:

Have a look here and get in touch if it tickles you :slight_smile:

Lucius Siccius, in game mail sent.

Hey there!

how’s it going?

I’m a diplomat for Everything for Efficiency, a Sov Nullsec corp that specializes in mining, industry and PVP… I believe our corp would be a good match for you, we have a real life comes first approach and no mandatory schedules. Plus, we host ppl from America / EU and OCE TZ!

Our main activities include:


  • Local facilities for refining, research and production
  • Build supply chain network
  • Blueprint library (work in progress)


  • Mining boosts
  • Regular mining fleets
  • Moon mining
  • Buy back program for your raw materials (At a very profitable rate not many can offer)

We also go for small gang PvP and PvE activities.

If you are looking for PvP Fleets however:

Both our corp and our alliance host PvP fleets every single day and most days more than 2 of them so by joining our corp you will have a granted spot in the various activities the alliance offers pvp wise.

There are elite groups for blingy BS, caps and supers, all withing the same coalition, you will definitely find that there’s a good PVP background for you if that’s your thing.

Hope to hear from you!


For recruitment ask: Captain Sargen (Discord: Sargen#1266)

EveMail / Discord DM / Ingame channel: EFE-X Pub

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