Come for our memes - Stay for the pilots! New AAR!

We are looking for a corp to join LinkNet alliance in Null (we also have a HS arm, wormhole presence, individuals welcome). We have space to offer, already fit with structures and moons. We have are a good mix between try hards and laid back - ■■■■ ups are a good laugh and will always happen, we do what it takes to get the job done, we work together and pick up the slack because real life comes first - you don’t need to be late to pick up your kid, we have your back.

We are also a good size, we are small enough where you don’t get lost and you always have the ability to ask questions, get feedback, and direction. We are still large enough to successfully hold our space, as well as have a strong set of allies to help keep Providence safe.

We need a good group of players that want to make some null sec their own, most fleets are EUtz, but we are growing and need a stronger UStz presence. We are in South Providence, spitting distance from Amarr for great logistics (take advantage of ours or do your own JFs, we can walk you through how to be safe, j5 Ammar in HS then 1 cyno into our forts or collation keep). We love new bros and have multiple ppl take the time to explain how this complex game works that we all have a love-hate relationship with. We are here for the people - the game is just the thing that’s bringing us together.

Message me here or LilMissCuddles on discord (I’m on the eve discord) and let’s talk about what we both have to offer. We do a public fleet at THE WEDGENING in Tuomuta (5j from Amarr). Free ships most Fridays at 19:30, dock up and x up in local. Get a handout join us killing those in faction warfare as OG pirates and blow up. Rise and repeat. Find out for yourself if we are assholes or… niceholes before joining :smile:

It’s been a long road getting from high to null…

Recrutment still open? Trying to rejoin life in providence.

Yep! Still open. Shoot me a message on discord or join us on the LinkNet discord EVE LinkNet . We would love to have you back in Providence.

Still recruiting - today in UStz we had a tackle clinic to teach players how to be the hero and the reason a fleet secures a kill.

We had another tackle clinic. We also went to 3rd party today down further south!

Last night UStz we did a rookie fleet teaching new bros how to fleet up. Today we reffed 5 aths, furthering our interests post war. Come join us!

We got that good moon mining Indy corps and miner bros!

We made some new friends and help them out against some mercenaries that abuse high sec war mechanics. More numbers would have helped out, you can make a difference!

We have a public PVP fleet coming up that we would love you to join so you can see if we would be a good match! Free ships and new bros are welcome.

Today was logistics day and refing a poco and playing mind games, come join us!

Got the poco and another good third party fight! Due to the holiday weekend wedge has been moved up on March 29th to 18:00 eve time and we are looking to go back to the caldari side of things. Meet up in Jita. Eve LinkNet to x up.

Took down some pocos and had a coalition fleet to defend a jump bridge against goons. Op success!

Low sec near Providence is ran by ARTON. They use to own R3 as well… But now they don’t. The use to have a lot of moons and some refineries, now not so much. They currently do PI in R3 with their own Pocos, but that’s not for much longer.

We refed 3 to find the timers and gauge their response. Their TZ and we know their MO so we bridged in bombers and wait on a ping as ARTON tries to rep the Poco in 2 scimis. They must have done the math so the warped off. We took that as our que. Not long and a saber called on dacan and as they land the Poco grid goes quite of purple’s and becomes full of reds and bubbles and kitty ■■■■■■■■.

We go to dock up - we came prepared. Prospect is cloaked on the Poco, they love to drop redeemers. We decide to go for a Spider tanked mrym specialty. We undock and warp to the grid where a saber and the 2 scimis are back at it. Drones push off the logi and we kill the saber as it bubbles itself. We get heavies out and within 5s arazu lands and the party starts - blops o’clock.

Our fleet MJDs and only FC is left scrammed. No fear, overheat ab, burn out of range, while a pilot with missed placed MJD reps him up. Spool up to get out and only one mrym goes down. What’s that? Isk positive! Oh they also dropped 3 faxes to be sure - for 9 myrms :rofl: they faxes stayed to rep the Poco, until we undocked a rapier. Then triage red cycled and they gated home to NPC structure :thinking: Don’t worry the pocos will go down.

Stay tuned. Join us and fight up.


The strategic logistics network required a new JB to be installed in R3-K7K - right on ARTON’s door step. The ihub upgrade is too large for a DST, so we had to wait for the 1-2hr time frame that system was empty to install the update - 3 cheers for yoloing a JF to an ihub.

The next day the plan started - install a JB in R3 as cover while we anchor a Sotiyo that we built in null. ARTON was not pleased, the CEO of RC even came to ■■■■ talk us. We were not detured, they used bombers to ref the structure as soon as the anchoring timer elapse, we were not detured, we fueled while hostiles were on grid and were able to online the JB the same time a bomb went off. Both objectives completed!

Whispers of the sotiyo had spread and it’s a Friday timer, prime time EUtz - there will be a fight. RMC forms up early to defend our Jita side JB network. Hostiles forced a jump to the system meaning it had to be repaired for the fleet to return. Timer counts down, 1 unknown scout in Sotiyo system. 1m until anchoring timer is done and saber cloaks on JB - there will be a fight. Local up to 75 as the JB repairs and fleet books it home - tengus on sotiyo

2 more fleets come in Ishtars and a CFI fleet, local is at 180 now and they start blasting the sotiyo. Sotiyo gets to 90% before the fleet cynos in and local hits 300 - this will be a bloody brawl. We quickly take down a logi Loki and it looks good. I warp a freighter past bubbles and through a saber - this timer needs to start now. 15m on the timer.

Ishtars put drones on primary and logi starts to fold. Low on paints and it’s hard to apply, timers at 12m our CFIs start to fold we take some with us. As our scorpion nis start to fold we pull back to the forti to reship those that we have lost. Timer is down to 7m and we are at 78% hull. Time to reship and make it count. Is this going to make it, will this be a 30B blunder? No… we need more - handouts on SNIs, we need the tank, we need webs, we need paints we need… A fax. Regroup we cyno reinforcements, and warp back…

54% hull still at 7m, time to feed boys and girls! More SNIs fall but the scimis and mini was able to keep most up. We burn a few more down with us as we are under heavy ewar. Timer counts down and at last repaired- full shields and full armor and full hull. Now only a 15 min timer from some drones before it can be fit and be fully online. GFs in local - hostile fleets leave the system.

Objective a success. 2 JBs defended and Sotiyo onlined - come and enjoy some fast manufacturing my friends and a new and improved market.

This day was like many before it. ARTON were up to their usual shananiganery of bashing the Ansiblex Jump Bridge anchored in R3-K7K, so called Sir, this is a Wendy’s. Our favorite drunkard, Sierra, would not stand to see it reinforced once more. He pinged.

The fleet was gathered, and many an ingenious tactic was devised to conceal our formup from the devious ARTON, who had brought various kitey focused high mobility ships, were well aware of our imminent arrival, and thus a clever ruse of “just warp a hecate on top of them to hold tackle” was developed and implemented to great effect, rewarding us with a drekevak kill to our great joy, though at the loss of the brave hecate and a saber, but a good fight was had, and we extracted as we couldn’t hold down anything else, and awaited the repair timer to complete.

To our shock, ARTON had more in mind for us this evening, as a carrier came through the gate, and began bashing the JB as well. Our fleet was still eager for a fight, and went in once more, in spite of the capital escalation. As we landed we began shooting some of the fighters, forcing them back, and netting ourselves a handful more kills in return for some ships of our own. Overall an excellent fight, and a good time. Battle Report Tool

Pilots went their way, and our glorious drunkard went to bed, with the promise of an isk reward for anyone who would lead out the fleet if ARTON were to try again.

As time would prove, that reward would be redeemed. A handful of hours later, some ships started bashing the JB once more, pings were sent, and a fleet was formed. The local AG commentator and pleb FC Extraordinaire Kevin Grumman headed up the effort, gathering together the forces available and tried to get a kill off on a loki, but to the fleet’s dismay, an arazu decloaked, lighting a cyno through which nearly a dozen BLOPs battleships popped through, tackling a large portion of the fleet before they could extract, leading to a large feed. Battle Report Tool

Mistakes were made, GFs were sent, but the quest to save the JB continued. Reshipping was called, and corp hangars were unlocked, revealing a secret weapon, concealed from the beginning, now to be sprung upon our unsuspecting foe. In fear of what we may do, they extracted their battleships, as we spooled up our newest strategy…

Terrifying Talwars!! When faced with a massive force of 8 talwars and a very brave interceptor, ARTON fled in great fear, abandoning all further attempts to bash the JB for the remainder of the night. But of course, this is not the end of the story, further attacks will doubtless be mounted, and glorious defenses brought to bear.

I love our PvEvP vexor fleets. Newbros feel at home (after being overwhelmed and learning how versatile they are) and they are cheap, making it perfect for handouts and for teaching new fcs.

New bros learn how to rat and how the sites work while the FC gets the bearings. When a neut enters local - we stand our ground and fight! 3 vexors can go down and the fight is isk positive with a single dictator kill.

Yesterday a JFC went out with 10 brave souls as they went out to raise the ADMs. After an hour or so of lucrative ratting a harbinger entered local and went for that ess bounty. Not under the watch of PvEvP vexors, we don’t stand for that. Vexors slide staggered to give hope to the thief. As a vexor dips to hull enough comrades get in and start getting reps and catch them before they get too low, neuts apply killing incoming DPS and 50 infiltrators pour out and tear him to shreds.