Angular Velocity displayed?

Help me understand how the Overview is displaying AV compared to tracking speed.

The Wiki says if AV > tracking speed you’re less likely to hit your target (and visa-versa).

But…AV is displayed as a single digit followed by 6 decimal places (ex: 1.234567) while tracking speed is shown as 3 digits and 1 decimal place (ex: 400.5)

So how do you compare the two numbers? Just ignore the AV’s decimla place? Divide the tracking by 100?


Angular velocity has a lot of digits, but as anything with a lot of digits, just look at the most significant digit(s) and ignore the rest for practical purposes. The angular velocity column of my own overview is small enough that all I only see the first couple digits.

From the formula in that wiki article I see that for 50% hit chance you need an angular velocity (in rads/second) = T×S/40000, with T the tracking and S the signature radius of the target. And for a 90% hit chance you need the angular velocity to be around 2.5 times lower than that.

So how do you compare the two numers, tracking and angular velocity? Well, you would need the signature radius of the target, plug all numbers in the formula above and you have it!

Example of a 50% hit chance against a Caracal of 125m: angular velocity = T * 0.028

Example of a 90% hit chance against a Tormentor of 35m: angular velocity = T * 0.00034

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How do you know the signature radius of the attacker?

And, really you’re supposed to do that math on the fly in an attack?! :dizzy_face:

Rightclick their ship, look for the sig radius in the attributes list and keep in mind that it may be slightly higher if they’re using shield modules and rigs. And if they’re using a MWD their sig will be huge, but so will their (angular) velocity which kind of cancels eachother out.

Each ship type has generally the sameish sig radius. Frigates 35m, battleships 450m and the rest of the subcaps in between. The exact number doesn’t really matter as you cannot get the exact angular velocity to hit them either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, you just get a feeling for it. I have had my angular velocity on my overview for a while now to see if I could use it in combat - I haven’t.

You just keep in mind how it works and apply it in combat:

If angular velocity = high → hard to hit
If angular velocity = low → shoot them now
If target ship is small and orbiting you → hard to hit
If target ship is small but webbed (less angular velocity) and painted (bigger sig radius) → shoot them

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Good enough for me - Thanks! :sunglasses:

Those that can - do.
Those that can’t - use rockets - like me… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


it was a lot easier to figure out back when tracking speed was not an arbitrary number that you need to put through a formula to get back the old sig res and speed.

ccp decided to make it less scary to look at but harder to get meaningful numbers out of.

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