Signature, speed and chance of missiles in a certain orbit and turrets in angels Formula calculation

Can u provide formula for calculation where is speed of ship and signature and how its effect on chance to hit ship and if its hit how much damage will be reduced thank you

Missile damage formula

The equation for missile damage is as follows:


Here are the terms in the equation. Except for the “damage reduction factor”, these are the same as were defined in the Basic Picture section, above :

S signature radius of target Note: The bigger the better
Vt velocity of target Note: The smaller the better
D base damage of missile Note: The bigger the better
E explosion radius of missile Note: The smaller the better
Ve explosion velocity of missile Note: The bigger the better
drf damage reduction factor Note: The smaller the better


is there for turrets?

Yep, it’s all listed in the Eve Uni wiki.

Hit Math

A turret’s chance to hit a target is calculated using the equation below. It will produce a result between 0 and 1, representing a probability between 0% and 100%. This value is then compared to a random number between 0 and 1. If the random number is greater than the calculated result, the turret misses.

Note: The entire expression contained within the outermost set of parentheses is an exponent.

Turret hit chance.png

Angular is the angular velocity (movement between the attacker and the target expressed as an angle in radians per second).

Tracking is the turret’s tracking value (listed on the info window and means how well the turret can hit a moving target).

Signature is the target signature radius (aka target size, a big target is easier to track).

Distance is the range in meters.

Optimal is the optimal range of the turret.

Falloff is the falloff range of the turret.


Do you have the align/warp equations as well? :smiley:

I’m all for helping people and putting in effort to explain stuff but at the same time I expect people to put in effort of their own and check/google the wiki. A radical concept I know.


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