Determine "best damage"

is there a way to mathematically figure out which weapon is goinng to make the most damage on a certain object/ship ?

i try to find somethings that can reinforce mobile depots… tried heavy and light missles … but they barely scratch them when used in a caracal. (on paper damage is 600ish but they only deal 150 in reality)

on the flipside 1 volley of Torpedos out of my manticore instantly reinforces them. (applies 100% damage)

what are the metrics to calculate the damage deal’t on a certain object?



Missiles apply based on signature radius, velocity, distance to, and resistances of the target plus the explosion velocity, missile speed, flight time, and damage type of the missile ammo.

Turrets apply based upon signature radius, angular velocity, distance to, and resistances of the target, plus the turret tracking, optimal range, and falloff range of the turret, plus damage type, tracking, falloff, and optimal modifications of the turret ammo.

The equations are available on Eve Uni and provided in tools like PyFa.


I’m also going to recommend Pyfa.

While you could do all the calculations with all the relevant parameters like tracking speed, signature radius, transversal velocity, range, explosion speed and size etc etc by hand, it’s much simpler to create or import fits you want to test in Pyfa, add a target and simulate damage of your fits against that target at various ranges, angles, speed or whatever parameter you wish to compare to see which fit is best and when.

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Yes, you will want Pyfa. You can also add in implant profiles which can make a huge difference. I use it just for that sometimes.

Polarized Tornado. since you don’t shoot things that shoot back, why not go blingy?

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An important consideration for missiles is that the damage is calculated based on the “worst case scenario” of the above factors.

Too many people think “more painters == more damage” and its really irritating.

Target fast and missile explosion velocity small? Less damage.

Explosion big and target small? Less damage.

Take the least of the above and apply that. Much less damage.

true that :wink:

well the mobile depot was just a example, i just want to understand the mechanics, i do have pyfa but i have not figured out how i can set a specific target or a target size.

its true, 2 painters do result in more damage (i have tested that) a third one however makes very little difference.

so how does the Explosion size and the target size compute?
is there a metric to look at like Signature vs explosion size … or mass vs explosion size …

never mind … seems Signature is the metric to look at.

i guess i just need to figure out what the “optimal radius” for a certain weapon is.

thanks, that link was very helpful. just the math left to figure out … Eve Unit time :wink:

If your target is sitting still, it will have a really bad day.

Oh for crying out loud no, no no no no. Painting is only relevant if the target is moving slower than the missile explosion velocity, +/- bonuses from missile skills.

There we go.


Or in plain English

Damage equals the least of ( (1 * total missile damage ) or (total missile damage * (explosion radius divided by signature radius) or ( total missile damage * ( explosion velocity / linear target velocity ) )

So as previously stated. If the target is moving fast, missile damage will be less. If target is small and missile explosion big, damage is less.

No amount of painting, even infinite painting will increase the damage a torpedo with a explosion velocity of 54 m/s will do to damage to an interceptor moving at 6,000 m/s.

Web the interceptor down to 30 m/s ? Now the painters start to matter.

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Incorrect, painting is also relevant if the target is moving fast.

Size and speed are two separate ways to reduce missile damage taken and you can target either of them (with painters or webs) to increase your damage to the target.

It’s true that against a fast frigate webs are a more effective choice to make torpedos apply damage, but painters also do increase damage already even if the frigate is moving faster than the missile explosion velocity.

The only time painting is irrelevant is if the explosion radius of your missiles is small enough to fit entirely in the target ship already, or if you already have enough painters that you’re running into diminishing returns.

I stand corrected, if there was infinite target painting, damage would be infinite also, capping out a the constant max of 1 * Missile damage.