Another capsuleer since 2005 looking for a corp


Unusual request, no idea if I will fit in a corp. I play a couples of time in a year, basically when I get some vacation I dive in. (Hello holidays!!) I am playing since 2005.

So I am looking for a corp to stay in for easy the next 5 years. If you have some inactivity rules, no need to keep reading.

I have 4 accounts (Multi-boxing);

  • Main account is a fully trained Orca. I can also fly a decent Blockade Runner and Charon / Obelisk.
  • 2nd account is a fully trained Hulk. Lvl 5 processing / reprocessing. (Blockade Runner) Mass production and capital ship production.
  • 3rd and 4th account are support miner. Not yet fully trained Hulk but getting close.

I have setup my own corp to easily manage all my stuff. Been casually mining and processing in highsec, some PVE but that’s in.

So, that’s probably doesn’t fit with 90% of the corp out there, but if you are a bunch of laid back very casual folks who are hanging out for the last decade, then I am very interested in meeting you!!

I would love to move out of Highsec, but well, my gameplay style is very very casual and my schedule make it impossible for me to plan anything. I am 24/7 online and on discord, and can definitely startup long manufacturing process.

Anyway, if anyone reading this and think I could be a good fit, let me know!


Hey Anakhel,

We may have a good place for you in Guns. We are pretty RL friendly and along with your miners have space for when you want any small gang PVP and home defense.

Check out our ad, hopefully we can chat soon!

Greetings Anakhel

we of hanging by a threat are living in npc nullsec 7 jumps from dodixie and 19 from jita
we are a laidback corp and are interestid in ure skillset and ure playstile why dont you come over for a chat

we have R16 and R64 moons to mine
dailey pve fleet and pvp when neuts dare to show up
hope to meet you in game

Greetings and salutations Evilsummit

Heya we fit that parameter quite nicely, take a look at us

Industrial mining and mayhem is always looking for new and old players.
We are part of INITIATIVE and reside in Fountain.

Come and chat with us in our Discord : Industrial Mining and Mayhem

Social infrastructure is recruiting. I think our most unique and my favorite thing about our organization is the culture we have cultivated. Most of us are generally on Coms, having fun in a mature low drama atmosphere. Most of us have jobs and families in the world comes 1st. We’re not a massive corporation and we’re not in a huge block. We do have our own little slice of nole sack and it’s rent free but we have to fight for it. That’s pretty much our situation straight up if that interests you awesome!!

-If you’re interested, or have more questions drop in our recruiting discord channel and say Hi.

Hi You come Join our discord for more information or to ask any questions.

@Ben_Hatton @evilsummit @safira_jomita @Darth_Osnix @Tytus_Kyle @John_HellToPay

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I will pass by your discord today. Keep in mind, I don’t play often, couple of time a year at best when I have some vacations! I do many 12h shift for weeks and weeks, but I am always online on discord via my phone.

I can definitely help with very long production process by keeping manufacturing running and when I can jump in for weeks or two, i’ll will definitely be useful for mining. I just finished the skills for a Rorqual finally. Basically, look at me as your manufacturing supplier. :slight_smile: That is a role I will be very happy with. I can max out all 4 accounts with all the production need the corp have.

Anyway, I am looking to move in for the next 5 years minimum. Since I have a tons of stuff to move, I want to be sure I join a group that is here since 10 years, or so.

Cheers and happy holidays!!

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OGUN Industrial is a new corporation looking for members. We may be small in number now but leadership has 10+ years experience in making internet spaceships and making internet spaces go boom.

We currently reside in Highsec. Industry and PvE content are our main focus at the moment but getting more into small gang PvP is our next goal.

We are accepting pilots of all skill levels. We currently have a make up of bitter vet and fresh faces meaning no matter the skill level you can find something to fly with. We enjoy teaching the game, so brand new pilots are more than welcome and we will make sure you get up to speed and have the tools to succeed in New Eden.

The corp offers group mining and small gang fleets, community events, free ships for new players and free ships for Corp related tasks/events. Outside of game we offer a discord and a growing community that plays several other games together.

Applications are open and you can contact me in game at Chakasu Sorrowsong.

Fly safe and hope to see you soon.

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