Anti social miner LF Null-Sec group

-16M SP in mining and some PVE skills plus an alt that can fly a porpoise and provide boost for the anti social miner.
-I do not want to make friends so i wont be in comms to listen some random guy speaking about his/hers/they’rs life and dreams or w/e. I will be on corp/ally ingame intel channel and i will provide info about neutrals/reds entering the system.
- I value my privacy a lot so i wont use any 3rd party programs like ESI , alliance auth or other things like that. If needed, i can provide screenshots with my chars skills and that is all. If someone thinks that i am a spy or w/e, just keep me out of the loop on sensible information, i dont need access to all corp channels etc, like i said, i dont care about politics, i just want to mine, ratt and maybe build some stuf in peace.

What i offer:

  • i will sell all my ore and loot from ratting(if there is one) or the stuff i will build to the corp/ally buy-back
    program at a 10% discount from the said program prices .

-i am willing to join a corp with higher taxes so they get more from my ratting bounties .

So , if there are any corps that really are ready to offer me this kind of liberty, just hit me up here on in-game.

PS: If any alliance is willing to rent a system or a moon to a 1 man corp like me, i can do that too.

How is your gameplay funded? Do you use real money or is your expected income generation from PvE high enough to fund multiple accounts?

Usually I use just one omega account and for this i pay the monthly subscription to CCP. When i have an isk surpuls i buy 500 PLEX from in game market and upgrade a second account and go from there.

Check out our advertisement i think you could have a lot of fun with us. antisocial is just fine and we encourage people to enjoy the game the way they want to. our goal is to offer the greatest amount of content without pressuring people. if your interested please reach out, discord is the best way to reach us but in game is also fine :smiley:

yr such a spy good luck with that…

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