Antisocial non-PVPer? Join Jim's!

  • Do you hate corp politics, avoid PVP wherever possible, and want to quietly do your own thing (mostly in Hi-Sec)?
  • Are you a mostly-alpha-clone and don’t want to spend megabucks on a subscription you never use?
  • Are you a new player that needs some tips, but mature enough not to just steal all of your corp’s stuff and then leave?

If so, Jim’s Mowing (small corp, Australian CEO) might be a good match for you. We have offices near all of the four main Hi-Sec factions’ trade centres, and a focus on casual mining/production (but you can do whatever you want, so long as you don’t annoy Concord or damage a particular faction standing too much).

We can provide basic tuition and fittings/skill packs, but if your ambition is NullSec domination, you might want to look elsewhere. Corp tax is only 1%, and several maxed out BPOs are available at our HQ in Sirppala (Caldari, 3 jumps from Jita).

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