Any (public?) (npsI) group i can hang out/fly with?

i am not sure if this is allowed on this forum, sorry if it isn’t but:

I am looking for more groups to hang out with, similar to style as spectre fleet or bombers bar, without having to join a corporation. anyone that runs public fleets, does roams, anything like the such is what i am looking for. USTZ or EUTZ.

@Maleficous you want to go take a looksy at this >

And also join our discord

hi there m8

we are an independent pvp group that operates out of Pochven/Venal.

We also do public fleets now and then and as a member you are allowed to join other fleets as well if you feel for it.

if you want to know more about us please have a look at our 10 reasons why you should consider us an option

if you want to speak to feel free to join our discord


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