LF Gank/Pirate Party

Hey guys i want to take a try in the pvp/gank/pirate area. Im lookin for a Party or more or less formed fleet already to fly with and teach me some stuff, since i dont have that much experience.

But im looking more for a party or a corp to fly with, but currently im not willing to leave my own corp.

if you have any questions ask them here or message me ingame.
fly safe

Specter fleet and bomber’s bar are pretty decent places to get experience. The former has all sorts of fleets active from black ops to roams. Latter is a black ops - bomber fleet which is always on the hunt. Recommend you go check them out if you can’t be arsed to join a pvp Corp.

Yep, definitely recommend our gatecamps, or blops fleets if you’re in the UStz ping me, and i’ll help get ya set up with the fleet.

nice i will try it… thanks a lot.

You can also look up CODE and minerbumping.com if you want to gank freighters or miners.

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