LF Gank/Pirate Party

(Sethec Lagalot) #1

Hey guys i want to take a try in the pvp/gank/pirate area. Im lookin for a Party or more or less formed fleet already to fly with and teach me some stuff, since i dont have that much experience.

But im looking more for a party or a corp to fly with, but currently im not willing to leave my own corp.

if you have any questions ask them here or message me ingame.
fly safe

(thebang Arkaral) #2

Specter fleet and bomber’s bar are pretty decent places to get experience. The former has all sorts of fleets active from black ops to roams. Latter is a black ops - bomber fleet which is always on the hunt. Recommend you go check them out if you can’t be arsed to join a pvp Corp.

(Jonn Duune) #3

Yep, definitely recommend our gatecamps, or blops fleets if you’re in the UStz ping me, and i’ll help get ya set up with the fleet.

(Sethec Lagalot) #4

nice i will try it… thanks a lot.

(Shang Ty) #5

You can also look up CODE and minerbumping.com if you want to gank freighters or miners.

(system) #6

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