Any PVE Corps recruiting with a HQ in Minmatar space?

Hey, there forum!

Do me a favor? If you’ve got a PVE corp that builds standing in Minmatar or Gallente space drop the corp name in the comments below.
For the sake of role-playing integrity, I’d like my Minmatar character to build standing with corps in these areas of space.

I’m playing an alpha right now and skilling for PVE. I have two higher skilled ALTS that I’ve parked for the time being.

Thanks, guys.

Hello Irshad,

The platform of Instrumentality of Trade might suit your purposes. We have a highsec station in Radima, as well as stations in NPC Nullsec. Have a look and drop by our Discord if you like. We support a variety of ingame activity. I used to role-play a bunch in-game (currenly get that fix from tabletop RPGs), but wouldnt mind getting into it again.

Thanks, Kymki I will check out the links and take a look at the corp ad in-game.

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