Any Smaller Corps want to merge?

I run a small corp in a small alliance. We have access to HS and LS with an eye on NS in the future one day and can help with content. We are into mining, indy, pvp and fw.

We have alliance structures to use and everything you need to succeed we just need more ppl to enjoy it with.

We are about 20 to 30 members in Corp and another 30 or so in our alliance and looking to see if any smaller corps want to join us and become a better Corp together. I know pride and ego stop many but if you’re struggling to get people or keep them, are in a Corp with no leadership but with a couple active members or are just tired of trying to make it work alone, then come talk to me and maybe we can see about creating a bigger better corp for all our members.

If interested message Kartan Vengari in game.

Together we can create a better place to play.

for clarification we are looking to absorb smaller corps into our corp. We have a good set up with HS and LS and are looking for more ppl to enjoy the game with. We are currently in an alliance and looking to add corps to it or absorb corps into us to grow our numbers. Not interested in joining an alliance or merging into a bigger corp. We like our name and history and for now are not entertaining merging into a bigger corp but would love to help smaller corps enjoy the game more. TY

Up it

Still here looking for ppl. Come join us and let’s get more outta the game

Got a good group here and hs and ls to fly in.

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