Small Corp looking to assimilate other small corps to create a bigger better Corp

My small mining and pvp Corp has about 20 active members but we’re kinda scattered about and are looking for other small corps who may want to merge and enjoy the content our alliance has to offer.

We have easy access to highsec, lowsec and nullsec and have lots of moons and anoms to mine and pvp fleets to join including small gang, cap, blops fleets but due to real life taking my people away we don’t have as many to enjoy it all.

By merging your Corp with ours you will be given leadership positions (number dependent on Corp size) in our Corp and together can create something better than the 2 were before. All major decisions are subject to majority vote to ensure fairness.

Our strongest tz currently is late US to early AU but do have EU players as well. I’m trying to find a Corp that wants to get the benefits we have while also creating something stronger and better. We love to mine and kill and would like a Corp who is into these activities or at least wouldn’t mind joining them.

Any serious candidates would need to submit to ESI checks to ensure our alliance and blues stay safe, need to be active on TeamSpeak and be active (no use filling up on alts and players who won’t log in).

We’ve got a great situation here and wouldn’t mind sharing it in order to create a stronger group.

We’re tight knit and enjoy doing things as a group and we want to climb the ranks of our alliance and earn respect by killing ppl effectively and efficiently and being an active part of fleet ops (only 2 pvp fleets required a month for the more krabby types).

If this is something you’d like to discuss further message Varina Vengari and we’ll talk.

Fly safe o7

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