Small Corp Looking for new Members to Expand

We are a small Corp of a modest 7 members but we are looking to change that, and with your help, we can!

As a Corp, our main focus is making isk, and we mostly do that with trading, mining fleets, and manufacturing. We also make a nice profit from pve as well. Our alliance has a low sec home as well with a few moon mining athanors which helps with the mining.

For pvp the alliance and our Corp do frequent pvp fleets and small gangs. Almost all our members are omega but alphas are welcome to join us as well. We also have several capital ships we can fly.

So if you are looking to join at the ground floor of something big. send us an eve mail!

What region?

The Forge at the moment due to all the inventory we have there but our alliance has a home in the Kor-Azor region.

what time zone do you guys do your fleet ?

Most of us are U.S. time zones so that’s mostly when we do our fleets.

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