Industrial Corp/character available

Just getting back into the game. I have been out of the loop for 4 years, but prior to my exit I got skills in running mine fleets for Ice and and low sec minerals. I currently have ORE barge assets and hauling assets. My PvP fit is straight up garbage.

My request is this. I want to join an alliance which will accept me and my sole proprietor corp. I’m happy to be a shell, or holding corp for anyone who needs such a service, as well as participating in mine ops. Once I get the hang of new systems and study up I should be able to run fleets and small manufacturing services.

I am going to be getting my Omega clone set up this evening and should be up and running as far as adapting to all the changes by the end of the week. Message me if you are interested in adding me to your alliance.

It sounds like you might be able to have fun with Solar Misfits and our other friends! What is your playtime like? We’re US based, and cover evening times from coast to coast. Let me know if you’re interested, and welcome back to Eve!

Howdy! My Alliance it recruiting, you can see the benefits of our space by reading my corp ad here: or check it out in game for Vow of Vengeance. We have fleets of mining, ratting and Pvp ops everyday and all love to help each other improve while rocking full ADM`s. Please reach out to our Alliance leader regarding your corp joining our ranks: Daymio Katar and let him know that Nesca advised you to speak with him about joining us.

Look forward to seeing you on the grid! :slight_smile:

Vow Of Vengence
Imperium Divine


Contact me ingame, might be we can have a solution for you

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