Any solo\small WH corps interest in a mutual defense pact?

I know there are many of us who own private low-class wormholes that we run by ourselves or with a small group of friends. For those of you who fit this description, how does a mutual defense pact sound?

I always envisioned a decentralized alliance where people mostly do their own thing, but there would be an alliance voice server to organize the occasional for-fun fleet, or to organize defense fleets.

I figure the first 5-6 corps to agree to forming an alliance would be the core backbone of the group. Additional corps could join afterwards for a fee\deposit used as a collateral. Only corps with demonstrated PvP potential (via killboard evidence) would be allowed into the alliance; the point is to be hard to kill rather than to serve up free killmails for aggressors.

The focus would be on corps residing in C1-C3 wormholes. Perhaps C4 if there is a good case for it. We would have a hard cap limit on member corp size to prevent any one corp from growing too large and assuming too much power within the alliance.

Any thoughts or interest?

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