Any way to export Market Quickbar only?

Hello, I’ve been advised to copy my cache settings, but the game where I run it is 4k and this is 1080p, so it might confuse me to reorganize it everyday.

I only need my market quickbar copied from one computer to another one daily. How can I do that? Will I have to do it manually?


C:\Users<yourwindowslogin>\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_programs_eveonline_sharedcache_tq_tranquility\settings_xxx folder has a bunch of core_char_.dat and core_user_.dat files. The core_user_.dat files are account-wide preferences (for things like color choices, key bindings, etc.), and the core_char_.dat files are per-character preferences that include the positions and configurations of various windows within the game, including the market.

A portable copy of the settings_xxx folder with all these .dat files in it will probably do it.

EDIT: the “AppData” subfolder is a hidden folder in Windows, and you need to go into the Windows Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Folder Options -> View tab, and check the box for “Show hidden folders and files” to see it.


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ok and how do i copy the quickbar, when i am using the same computer, but running multiply instantces? the folder is the same

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