Anybody having issues with setting destinations?

I go to set a destination from an escalation, and it just indicates the system is one jump away, when it is clearly not. I have tried setting destinations from the Market Orders screen, the Escalation screen, and the People and places screen to no avail. I clear all waypoints and retry, and nothing happens.

The map seems all fubar too. Anyone else?

I have not done that particular activity but can confirm there are problems going on with the legacy map right now. The real map. I have been having problems with the Show on Map button, which no longer shows anything on the map. It doesn’t even open the map! Additionally the map no longer opens focused on my current location. Now I have to right click and center the map over my selection

only reason destinations will show up as 1 jump is if there is no route to that point.

check your setting, you might have it set to safe systems only or have an avoid system that you must travel through to get there.



The situation was only with one character on one PC. I had somehow checked a couple of avoidance boxes that, combined, made many systems unreachable.

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