Anybody here working for Eurpean Space Agency?

I am looking for a contact within ESA who could connect me to folks with experience in launching micro satellites.

edit: actually I think, although eventually this will lead to an EVE event, it is kind of misplaced in this forum for now. If a Mod could move it to General Discussion I would mind.

Contact is at the bottom of the page. Or contact the ESEO Team under eseo @ Fly Save.

If you are not a student or postdoc and your request is nor for scientific purpose use the gateways on the ESA website:

I only know some people at ESOC Darmstadt and they don’t like it when contacted directly for business or carrier opportunities.

Actually these links are already helpful. The project I am thinking of is not entirely educational/scientific but to some extend and I would love to have a sparrings partner to chew on the idea. May I contact you ingame, so you can make up your mind if you would pester the ESOC guys with it?

Sure, I will see what I can do.

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