Anyone Else Miss The Old Neocom?

I just came back to Eve again after a year or so and decided to look through some of my old captures and take a trip down memory lane.

So many of my old screenshots feature the old colorful Neocom. CCP said the grayscale icons on the new Neocom would be easier to identify and make the game look more modern but I think the opposite is true on both accounts.

The colorful artwork of the old icons were so much more stylish and quicker to identify imo.
In fact, I think most of the older UI was better. It was more compact and yet easier to read and use.

As a little bonus, I found this “easter egg” in one of my screenshots. I have no memory of it, does anyone know where this sign is?



Don’t even.

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EVE had color?

Next you’ll be telling me it has sound.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I really like it.
There is no way I will be able to unsee that colorful neocom now. sigh


Not necessarily missing it because by now the icons would definitely be outdated as hell. But with the distinct colors and icon designs it certainly was easier to use than that flat monochrome crap.


remove the impostor, bring back the real Aura


‘Anyone Else Miss The Old Neocom ?’

If that’s how much screen it takes up…then no.

Seen this too. From your picture I’d say it was in one of the Guardian’s Gala event sites (we didn’t have this event this year).


I’m not sure why there’s this tendency to have buttons be abstract symbols that you have to learn nowadays, instead of clearly identifiable icons with a picture that clues you into what they are for. This goes way beyond EVE and the neocom. It’s a trend that seems to be everywhere. I don’t get how it adds any value to anything - it just makes software more difficult to learn how to use.

Yes, I miss the old neocom. I’m constantly clicking the wrong buttons on the new one. Usually I need to find what I’m looking for in the menu, where it is labeled.


Yeah, I definitely liked the old UI much better than the one we’re stuck with now.

As for the OP, I also found that sign a long time ago while doing exploration, don’t remember what site it was but I did get a screen shot of it…

And since we’re walking down memory lane, anybody remember when Concord sponsored this public announcement message…


Those were still the days we had to explain to new players that “no, you don’t get the entire bounty at once, only one fifth or part of that if you were in a fleet” :smiley:
Those were also the days when drug transport in hisec was a risk, and you had to scout gates for customs officers. I remember seeing that ad, it’s probably pre-2016 ?


Yeah, I don’t remember when I took that screen shot, I’m pretty sure it’s pre-2016.

Never stopped missing it. I still found it easier to find the right section going by the color.



We don’t discriminate against icons by color in 2023. Get with the times, old man.

Checked my notes in-game and found this entry:

Warning Sign found in ‘Desolate Site’.

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I’d switch back any day for the old Neocom, UI and Aura voice over this mobile/win 10 themed junk that we have now, if I could.


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