Anyone had issue with GM's not doing their job

ever sent in a petition only to have gm’s ignore it or reply with a canned none anwser or say they are going to investigate the issue and simply dont or the worst LIE to you

Ever sent in a petition only to have the GMs ignore it for a couple days and then the issue gets fixed and it turns out they were working on it?


i guess you need to be brisk rubal to get justice with the corrupt GM’s

if they are working on it should they not inform you?

Would you rather they work on it or would you rather they spend that time informing you on how theyve been delayed because theyve spent their entire time responding to tickets all day?


GM’s generally won’t discuss the issue they’re working on because that might interfere with them looking into the issue. Rest assured, when a ticket is submitted, the GM staff does work on it. Just be patient!

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No never, why would they. It’s probably you.

i disagree. the last petition took over 3 months and only because i hounded them after 3 months when they put effort into it it took less than 24 hours

It depends on the problem.

Some problems are more urgent than others.

If the police had to choose between a cat getting stuck in a tree and an armed robbery, which one do you think theyll respond to first?

the tree.

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