Of the staff do not act, let me this 8 years old player disheartened

I really can’t help it. One of my accounts was protected by CCP GM in 3.17. Then I made a ticket, and GM replied to me, let me wait, I waited until now. Nothing is waiting, I can understand the recent CCP personnel tension, I understand them, but they did not understand me, understanding is mutual, since then, I have not logged in. I was still in school before, and every account was spent in my spare time, because the VPN switched frequently (I just wanted to find a node with fast connection speed), which led to this. I have been patient with the staff, and now I have lost patience with the game, I am still working hard. Then if no one solves it, I think I will quit EVE, and no one cares about a small player anyway.
GM’s reply only makes me wait, otherwise it does not reply to me at all, I submitted ticke many times, at least 40% have no GM reply. Is it wrong to pursue legitimate rights? As far as I know, there is another person who was also banned by the same GM on the same day. His three-year card account was banned and he has decided to uninstall EVE. I still want to work hard, I write these things, I don’t know if there are any authorized management to see. I saw that if I were to write an email to support@eveonline.com I think I would not do this because I submitted a lot of it and it didn’t work. I want to find another way now. If anyone knows where the online complaints website belongs, please contact me. At the same time, I will also search for evidence in this few months and submit an application to my lawyer. If you have a good way, please let me know, thank you.

Ha, didn’t notice you made two threads.

@ ISD Dorrim Barstorlode Please do the needful



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