What do you do if a GM is ignoring your ticket?

GM Baldur said he would escalate my ticket to the senior GM’s if I wanted him to. He was responding to my ticket within 1 or 2 days max up until I wanted to escalate the ticket. I was never rude to him in any way. I told replied yes and asked him to do so. When I didn’t hear back from him 6 days later, I replied again asking if the ticket was escalated. Today he still hasn’t responded to me from December 1st and I asked him a 3rd time today, December 13th, about the ticket.

I started playing Eve in 2006 and this experience is much different than it used to be. Is this the direction Eve has gone now with ticket support help? As a returning player which still hasn’t happened yet, the outcome of my ticket basically is what will determine whether or not i decide to return to the game since almost a year ago. I haven’t logged in since 2 weeks ago when I submitted the ticket, but noticed Eve had only 23,000 players on during a weekend. This usually averaged 35k+ before… Perhaps bc of their customer support? I don’t know… I just want to know how to reach someone else since this guy appears to have stopped helping me.


coming here isn’t going to help. GM’s most likely do not work weekends just like other CCP staff do not either.

complaining here, nobody here on the forums can help you, only GM’s can do that.

Well I only asked on here bc I don’t know what else to do. Just looking for advice since going through a ticket doesn’t seem to be working now. Any suggestions?

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You can try to (politely) update the ticket to see if there has been any development. But beyond that, there’s nothing else you can do.

Don’t try to be cute with this kind of attitude. Everyone knows what you’re trying to imply here, and it’ll only hurt your situation trying to suggest dumb ■■■■ like this. GMs are humans and they know when you’re trying to imply something dumb.

Be respectful and ask if there are any updates to your ticket. Other than that, you just need to wait.


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If case need senior GM attention it’s probably something big. First I don’t think we have that much senior GM’s anyway so this cuts into reply time already.

I assume you are trying to recover account or assets. This things takes days or even weeks of work from GM to process request

It was probably mentioned in GM week podcast how this type of request are handled https://soundcloud.com/ccpgames/gm-week-podcast and I think at one of presentation in Vegas where they where talking about customer support it was also said that this are one of hardest tickets.

TL;DR patience!

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