CCP Support Ignoring My Ticket?

So basically I changed a market order to be way too high (honest mistake not a scam) and got charged a 3 bil isk brokers fee. Corp leader says its np happens all the time CCP gets you it back just file a ticket.

This happened on Sunday evening its now Thursday and I haven’t heard anything beyond the automated response you get for filing a ticket.

Am I being impatient or should I be as concerned as I am now that my ticket is just lost in the ether.

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You are impatient. Was it an NPC fee or player fee? If latter you can write it off.

Yes. I’d personally wait up to 3 weeks before declaring my ticket ignored. But that’s just me.

Ok thanks I had no way of gauging how long to expect a response to take.


Hey! Sorry for the delay. Just wanted to chime in and say tickets are never ignored, though some may take a bit longer to get feedback based on complexity. I wouldn’t classify what you’ve written in this thread as overly complex, so hopefully you’ll get a response relatively soon.


Hello and thank you for your response :slight_smile: I don’t mind things taking time, the thing that really gets me is not hearing from anyone that the ticket is being investigated. Maybe its too much to ask but even just a simple note on my ticket thread from anyone at CCP would immediately make this whole situation better. Automated responses really don’t cut it for me haha.

I’m in the same boat. I’ve had a ticket in for over a week now without so much as a note. But, another player on this forum figured it out in the meantime, so I no longer need it.

They shouldn’t reimburse you for that.

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