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Greetings, fellow Third Party Developers! I mean you, people that created such useful apps as Neocom, NanoCom, and other similar apps that use API keys! I know it’s probably not your fault, but just asking you for help. I am unable to connect my character data using my API key. It says “Illegal page request. Please verify the access by the key you are using!” Thanks for your help!
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Going to need some more information to be sure. But possibly that character has the correct scope but not the required in game roles to do an action. Such as viewing the corp wallet etc.

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You’ll get back an error code: 206 if the api you’re using does not have sufficient privileges. Character needs to have roles Accountant or Junior Accountant.

Are you still using the XML API or have you updated to the new ESI Swagger API?

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I don’t know what exactly for you mean, but here’s the picture that I am seeing. I am unable to access basically anything, an example would be fits, skills, skill queue, etc.

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